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ENGLISH- Life-Between-Lives Regression

Life-Between-Lives Regression

“When tapping into between-lives memories, we can understand why bodies and lives were chosen, including our own present personal, psychological, familial, cultural, physical profile, as well as life plan and related challenges.” 

Life-Between-Lives Regression

This work is based on the research of Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. The Life-Between-Lives regression, also called Spiritual Regression, allows subjects to connect with their soul-self and recover soul memories from the between-lives state. The Life-Between-Lives Regression is a journey into the between-lives where souls station between reincarnations. Life-Between-Lives regression can produce profound and long lasting positive results in your life. This is an opportunity to access your subconscious and soul-state and know on a deeper level what your life purpose is.

During a Life-Between-Lives while connected to our eternal self, we are able to see an entire evolutionary karmic growth pattern while mentally residing in the world between lives that is our true home. We learn why bodies and lives were chosen, including the present personal, psychological, familial, cultural, physical profile, as well as the life plan and related challenges. We explore the fit between the experiences encountered in past and present lives and the lessons they brought. Past and present human lives are seen as but alter-egos of an eternal identity. In this state of heightened perception and understanding, people are able to find the answers to age-old questions such as: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Where do I come from?”

A LBL session usually unfolds in the following manner: with the use of deep trance and special hypnosis techniques, you are led back in time to one of your last lives. You observe your death, and then proceeding to the Spirit world. You experience the healing that occurs in the hereafter, helping you to adjust to being a Spirit. You meet with your Spirit Guide and your Council of Elders. These are extraordinary encounters, as you experience how it feels to be fully and absolutely loved, supported and known as your true self among your soul peers. You meet with your Soul Family, who has been with you throughout countless incarnations. You also have the opportunity to objectively experience how and why you chose some of your current life’s circumstances.

Although you are in deep trance, you are awake, alert, and conscious of all that you experience. Prior to having your session you will be requested to provide a list of questions to submit while in the between-lives; this is a tremendous opportunity to ask for and receive insights and guidance from the Spiritual Beings who have known and loved you throughout time and lives.

Sometimes traumas, fears or negative emotions may come to the surface; they will not be dealt during this session as an LBL is mainly an exploratory experience of the word between lives. If you wish to do some therapeutic work and heal traumas that require attention, I offer individual sessions or a Soul Regression Program that is specifically geared towards healing old karmic residues.

The Life-Between-Lives regression is of an advanced level and therefore there is a learning curve. Being in a deep trance state is essential to have access to the world between lives. Therefore it is very important to be familiar with the regression process before immersing yourself in a LBL regression. Preparation is essential and necessary. You must be comfortable recollecting unconscious memories before undertaking a LBL regression.

The LBL regression can be done efficiently in-office, over the phone or online. Phone/internet sessions are as effective in-person sessions, and can be a wonderful way to do this work you want to do without the inconvenience of traveling and related cost. I have been working for years over the phone with clients in Europe, Canada and the USA and people seem to enjoy that option. If you have any concern or would like to discuss this option, please contact me.

Undertaking a Life-Between-Lives Regression (LBL format and pre-requisite)

I am offering two different options.

Option #1:

I recommend this first option if you are a beginner and/or are not familiar with the process of recovering memories via a hypnotic process. The option includes three sessions. All 3 sessions are part of the process. The first 2 sessions prepare you to the hypnotic process of accessing soul memories.

1) The first session (1.5 hour long) is designed to make you familiar with the regression process and the recollection of unconscious soul memories. It will include among others regressing back to memories from the the womb as well as exploring a past-life.This session may be an opportunity to clear some old karmic residues before undertaking your journey back home.

2) The second session (1.5 hour) will include going back to a past-life, exploring your past-life character and life circumstances, gaining clarity on what that life was about, experiencing your transition into the spirit world, and beginning the journey back home including arriving at the gateway of the between-worlds. At this stage you may already have had an opportunity to meet your inner guide or others light beings.

3) The LBL session (2hr). The full version of the LBL is 4-hr long. However for practical purpose and because for most people it is a new experience, I am offering a shorter LBL version in the form of a 2hr-long session. This is a good way to start getting familiar with that this process and getting used to sustain for an extended period of time a deep level of trance You can later on repeat this session as many times as you wish to continue your exploration or have more questions or concerns to address to your council, guide or soul group. Should you wish to book a longer session than 2-hr long LBL session you will need to do it at the time of scheduling your LBL session.

Please understand that you don’t have to do these three sessions all at once. Some people do a session a week and then their LBL session, others space the sessions out more. It’s up to you, however it’s good and wise not to rush through this process as one needs to be very comfortable and at ease with the process of recollecting memories in order to have a successful LBL regression. This is a spiritual process, and although the hypnotic process will help you to relax and access a deeper state of awareness, your heart must be ready to open up and trust in order for this experience to be fulfilling and enlightening. You must also be prepared to accept that what you are yearning for to know or experience in a LBL session may not be. Sometimes we are not be permitted to have access to certain soul memories or knowledge, and even though the mind wants what it wants, the soul knows best and will have the last word.

*** If at any moment during this process your mental mind is interfering with the recollection of memories, creating doubt or frustration, or if your are not able to physically or mentally relax and trust all the impressions coming from your unconscious mind, I would recommend that you do some practice sessions before going any further (see below more details on Practice Sessions). For those with a “scientific” or “curious” mind, it may be difficult to trust their intuition. In that case, scheduling a Propecia Buy Cheap consultation could be a good and efficient way to first engage the mental mind into accessing information about one’s evolutionary soul journey, therefore putting it at ease with some useful information, and then proceed with the hypnotic process of recollecting unconscious memories.

It is  possible that during the first two sessions some old dynamics, fears, traumas, blocs and patterns emerge, reflecting unresolved karma that is now getting in the way of  person’s soul growth. If this is the case it would be highly recommended to address them prior to undertaking a LBL regression and release accumulated karmic residues, as this can prevent one from accessing the life-between-lives state of consciousness. This can be done via Nizoral Drugstore Lipstick

Option #2

This option may be for you if you have successful  past-lives regressions under your belt and are very at ease and very comfortable with recollecting memories, trust impressions coming from the inner world, can sustain an altered state of consciousness for an extended period of time, and are looking forward to spending more time on the other side. That process would be as follows:

1) A 1.5-hour session which will include going back to the womb, then a past-life, exploring your past-life character and life circumstances, gaining clarity on what that life was about, then experiencing the time of your transition into the spirit world, and beginning the journey back home, with a first stop at the gateway of the between-worlds. At this stage you may have an opportunity to meet your inner guide or others light beings. This session may be an opportunity to clear some old karmic residues before undertaking your journey back home.

3) A 4-hr long LBL regression. Here you should be ready and confident to explore the between-worlds, and among others debrief with your guide the highlights and objectives of your previous life, reconnect with your spiritual essence, meet your soul group, council, understanding why you choose this current life-time, what is left to be done, as well as asking the questions you wish to ask while on the other side.


Once you have completed your initial LBL process, you are welcome, at a later time, to do another LBL regression, and repeat the process as many times as you wish.The length of the repeat session can be from 2-hr to 4hr, depending on your needs.

Practice Sessions 

When the left-brain feels uncertain or threatened, it slows down or blocks the influx of information coming from the right -brain or the spirit world. Hypnosis is a tool enabling a person to relax so as to reach an altered state of consciousness and be more connected to impressions coming from the inner world. A popular belief equates hypnosis with a form of unconscious sleep, but it’s not. On the contrary, under hypnosis the individual’s attention is very keen and his suggestibility very strong. When the left-brain let go of its control the door of the unconscious and the Inner World opens up, and the individual is able to receive information which s/he otherwise wouldn’t have access to on a conscious level. In order to have access to past-lives and between-lives it is therefore essential to minimize the influence of the mental (left hemisphere of the brain) and be at ease with the flux of information coming from the unconscious and inner world via the right hemisphere of the brain.

For those who need a little bit more time to relax body and mind, and practice their skills of recollecting soul memories, I offer one-hour sessions over the phone to practice being comfortable and confident with the regression process and eliminate any unnecessary limitations preventing you from accessing those memories. During those practice sessions you will be introduced to the hypnotic, relaxation process and being in the present moment. You will also go back to memories in this life and in previous lives, but take note that those sessions are not designed to explore memories in-depth, but to put you at ease with the process of recollecting memories and trust the incoming impressions.

Cialis Online Germany - Buy Proscar Brand

For a schedule of fees as well as for terms and conditions, cancellation policy and refund, please click here for the Indocin Prescription Ubersetzung

Phone/Internet Sessions

Phone/internet sessions are as effective in-office sessions and offer an opportunity to do this work without the inconvenience of traveling and the related cost. I have been working for years via phone/internet with clients in Europe, Canada and the USA and people enjoy doing their sessions from the comfort of their homes. If you have any concern or would like to discuss this with me, please contact me.


“Going through a Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapy regression is one of the most personally profound experiences one can have. As a client I attribute the success of my session to the skillful sensitivity of my therapist, Dominique Glaub. Her ability to guide my process by tuning into my needs was an art-form. Her patience, compassion and non-invasive approach allowed me to receive the gift of expanded awareness and deeper soul understanding.”
Toby Evans. Author of Keeper of the Circles: Answering the Call to Wholeness and Creator of the Chakras Labyrinth Cards.

“Dominique, thank you so much for the amazing Past-Life and Life-Between-Lives Regression sessions I had with you. I was nervous about being able to do it, as I’ve never had any past life experience before working with you, but you guided me so gently and skillfully into it that I felt very relaxed and found I could easily move through it. I felt so comfortable with you, your warm presence, sensitivity, and profound spiritual awareness. I feel energized and expanded by the experience; I sense myself letting go of lifelong self-doubt and limitations. I found helpful qualities in past lives that I had repressed or denied in myself; the Life within me feels stronger and more complete. I feel so free! I have a much clearer sense of what my task is in this lifetime and feel so supported in accomplishing it. Most amazing was the strong sense of pure, boundless, unconditional Love that permeated it all. There were surprises along the way that let me know it was real. I have more clarity in my relationships and a deeper trust in my own inner Voice, connection with Spirit and the risen Christ. This was a life-transforming experience, and I look forward to living it out in new ways. I feel deeply grateful and full of rejoicing!”
K.W., 69, Counselor, Sequim, Washington

“Hello Dominique, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the LBL session we did last week. Here, 10 days later, I am still seeing new connections and finding new insights based on that experience. It is just remarkable! My life makes sense to me in a way it didn’t before. Seemingly random events from the past now appear to fit logically into the whole. When I listen to parts of the recording of the session, I am struck by how much I already knew about my soul’s life. And yet, I didn’t take that knowledge seriously. I know now how much of the time I am in touch with that Presence that can’t be described in words. I also know now that I can trust how that feels as guidance for the rest of my life. It has been said that words don’t teach: life experience does. I believe that is true. Those of us who are “seekers” can read books and go for readings from people who are psychically gifted. But that just gives us “words” to describe our lives. The LBL process lets us go beyond words and tap into our experience banks. And because the experiences we tap into are our own, they have more potency for us than the words, even words about us specifically, given to us by other people. Thank you for your gentle guidance into and through the process. You made me feel very safe, which I think was essential in order to relax deeply and have a good experience. I very much appreciate your kindness and professionalism.”
M.M., Seattle

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