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"I spent the better part of last year having regular sessions with Dominique as part of her Soul Regression program, and it's hard for me to believe the tremendous ways that my life has shifted during the span of our working together. Starting from about mid-way through our work together, I started being able to hear my intuition much more strongly. And once I started listening to it, so many things started changing in my life and reality. Things that were no longer serving me fell away, and I learned more and more how to be OK with myself, and acknowledge, respect, and become ok with my needs. The impact of this has been just huge for me -- in the course of learning to love and accept myself. I have a great deal of confidence now about the beautiful possibilities for my life and my future, and I am excited to see how it all unfolds. I also can't say enough good things about how comfortable it felt to be guided by Dominique throughout each session and the entire process. It was a real gift for me to have her in my life -- she made me feel immediately comfortable and I found her way so soothing and relaxing. I also came to realize throughout the course of our work together how much deep deep wisdom she had for me and had been carrying. I consider her one of the great teachers and guides of my life so far, and I am so happy I said YES to doing this work together. It's not to say that our time together was easy -- it required a lot of deep digging into myself and my shadows, a real getting to know myself, and an acknowledgement of some difficult changes that were being asked of me -- but as I am motivated to step into and live out the greatest possibilities for my life, this felt like an extremely important step on my journey.
Much gratitude to you always, Dominique. Love Sarah

Sarah, Oregon

I came to Dr. Glaub probably around eight years ago, suffering from such bad hypnopompic hallucinations that I ended up sleep deprived and hospitalized. After nearly $40,000 of medical tests and getting a complete clean bill of brain health from the neurologist, he suggested I go on medication or at the very least, go to therapy to work on the underlying cause. I’d had a bizarrely stressful childhood that culminated, as a young teen, in witnessing my mother’s death and I’d been unable to stop it. I’d already gone through many years of traditional therapy and I thought I’d resolved those issues a long time ago. I apparently hadn’t. Unbeknownst to myself, I was carrying around years of depression and negativity and pain and still suffering from a form of PTSD. My neurologist suggested I try hypnotherapy as an alternative. Since I’d never tried that before, I took his advice and ended up in Dr. Glaub’s office, very suspicious of hypnotherapy but desperate from waking up a dozen times a night and hallucinating horrible things three to five times a night.
The first session was so strange I thought I would never see her again. She told me to relax I did… a lot, and before I knew it, I was standing in the leaves of fall, a French gay man in his fifties. I told myself to think of the leaves whenever I was stressed. That was it. It freaked me out. Part of me was wide awake and thinking, wow, you’re going insane and the other part of me was this calm French dude, just telling me to remember this image of the beautiful fall leaves. Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and I found it relaxing to just see the colors swirling on the wind. That was the end of the first session. I walked out of her office thinking I would never see her again as that was the weirdest experience I’d ever had and it made no sense to me of how it could possibly help.
However, I couldn’t deny the results. I went home that night and slept six hours straight. Straight. I woke up feeling better than I had in months. I thought it some strange coincidence, but the next night, I slept again. For the rest of the week, I would get about five to six hours sleep at a stretch and I didn’t hallucinate the entire week. And yes, the image of leaves came to me often. I was puzzled how it could be working. However, about a week later, the hallucinations returned and I called Dr. Glaub up again.
This started a very long journey, one in which I gradually saw the period of time between my hallucinations stretching out longer and longer until about three years after I began with her, I was seeing things only like four times a year instead of nightly. There is so much I could say about my sessions with her, I cannot possibly share it all here. Being a software engineer and very literally minded, I documented each session. They all seemed so strange, but I learned something huge about myself with each one. Gradually, my hallucinations turned from something out of a horror movie to either items of interest or beauty, such as waking up to see the galaxy in 3D around me or curious DNA strands spinning in air before me – nothing like the spiders and tentacle creatures reaching out for me. Now, years later, I sleep in the dark ( something I hadn’t done since I was 15 ) and I haven’t hallucinated at all in over a year.
There is so much I could say, so much I have learned. I can’t possibly say it all in a simple testimonial, but it is not often you get to genuinely say that someone saved your life. I know it sounds so corny and trite, but it is the truth. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met Dr. Glaub. A human can only take so much of seeing dark creatures reaching for them and blood dripping down the walls several times a night. Now, I sleep comfortably and wake up rested. I’ve suffered from these hallucinations for over twenty-ish years and they’d only gotten worse with age. Now, I can confidently say they’re gone for good.
I will forever owe Dr. Glaub a debt of gratitude, or whatever else you want to call it. She put up with me from the start, and through her, I’ve learned to move past the craziness of my life to actually living and reaching for my dreams. Working with her not only helped me lay the PTSD of my past to final rest, but also opened me up to living my dreams and pursuing what I truly wanted to do with my life. I’d always wanted to be an author. Finally, at the age of 42, and as a direct result of some of the sessions I’d had with her, I gave myself a chance. Now, I’ve won awards and titles, and sell more books than I ever imagined. I’ve learned that we’re down here to reach for the stars, not wallow in pain. Horrible things happen. I’ve had them happen to me, but you can’t hold onto them and shrivel your soul. I’ve learned you can truly let them go and keep on dreaming.
Dr. Glaub, I owe you the world, your loving patient and friend forever: Jenny McCollum aka Carmen Caine

Jenny McCollum, Seattle, WA

"I must admit I was hesitant at first, as the concept of past lives was new to me. However, my councilor, who referred me, had seen Dominique and had such great results herself even after just a few sessions that I decided to give Dominique a call. I must say I'm so glad I did. I had no idea the Pandora's box of unresolved issues in my subconscious and my past lives. Dominique was the perfect guide to help me navigate past remnants that had become repeated stumbling blocks in my present life. I did the whole regression series and it was worth every penny. I went from a heartbreaking cycle of working really hard, making a critical error, and having to start all over again, to being able to make decisions that actually worked. I was truly amazed at how painless and efficient the whole process was. Thanks to Dominique, I now have a life in which I thrive".

Kristen M. Seattle, WA.

"I enrolled in the Soul Regression Program because I wanted to better understand some of the challenges I have faced repeatedly in this lifetime. I thought perhaps learning something of my past lives could help me appreciate my current challenges and better approach them. With Dominique's help I was introduced to the spirit world, including one particular spirit who seems to be my guide. Every encounter with the spirits was enlightening and encouraging. My regressions into past lives did help me better comprehend and appreciate my current one. And, at the end of the program, I had a clear sense of my purpose in this particular life. That doesn't mean I walked away with no further challenges, but I grew tremendously in insight and confidence through my work with Dominique. A bonus was how enjoyable the experience was. The learning and development continued in the months after my therapy ended and, four months later, I was able to report to Dominique that I had, indeed, moved much, much closer to my original goals".

Lynn G., Seattle

"I am profoundly grateful for Dominique entering my life. Working with Dominique through the Soul Regression program undoubtedly started a cascade of shifts in my life. I was yearning for deeper self-discovery, and seeking support in navigating a relationship. When I began the program, opportunities and serendipities flowed into my life... and I was in the place to not only see these open doors, but walk through them. Dominique's guidance in my life, through this program, has altered the course of my life. Her work has provided me with a deeper understanding of my soul and my journey on this earth... an understanding that I can feel, rather than articulate in words. I recommend this program to anyone who is ready to do the challenging, necessary, and utterly rewarding work of self-discovery."

Lauren, Seattle

Even as a young child, I’ve always been constantly “self-checking” myself and feeling confused and uneasy around other people. “Do I look good?” “Did I say the right thing?” “Am I popular?”… Excessively self-conscious and driven by outward appearances and external validation.
I managed to leverage this for some success in my career but along with having a busy family, I put aside all the things that made me happy and feel alive and excited about life. Someday… I would start going hiking again, dust off the mountain bike, see live music… someday.
I sensed that I had given up a significant part of myself: the collection of passions, ideas and hobbies that made sense to me and made feel comfortable and ultimately to know, like, and understand myself. I needed to reconnect, relearn to trust ME, and feel genuine as I play the different societal roles of Father, Husband, Employee, Boss, etc. Still, I did not trust myself to break through the complex web of habits and behaviors I’d created over the years. If I could do this on my own, it would’ve happened by now.
I had been “home schooling” myself on Buddhism, meditation, and various self-actualization theories. This was like window shopping, interesting but with few tangible results. Somehow, my constant seeking led me to Dr. Michael Newton’s writings, which made me curious about regression therapy. This is why I contacted Dominique.
Dominique has a gentle way of drawing out what is already inside you that is so straightforward, so simple yet so profound that you immediately know it is true. You feel as though you had already known these things about yourself and these messages and memories become more like signposts and reminders of who you are and the path you are on.
The experience of the regression process, for the outsider, seems exciting, exotic and unusual. Dominique makes the process comfortable and easy—it feels completely normal. She is helping open channels that put you in touch with the YOU that has been there all along but has been ignored or confused by modern adult life.
I uncovered many lessons and memories that felt completely natural and while new, also very personal. Well of course, because they came from me! It is as though Dominique is simply holding the mirror you need to see yourself through the haze of your commute, your job, the bills you need to pay, getting the kids to soccer, etc.
By the end of the program, it was crystal clear to me that I am on the right path and although I have work to do, I am not alone. I have myself… a genuine sense of self-confidence, profound peace, and knowledge that I can rely on at any moment. I can’t thank Dominique enough for helping me see my progression through life more clearly and to reconnect with my genuine sense of self.

There is one more important element to making your work with Dominique (or anyone) a highly valuable experience. Like all worthwhile journeys, you will only get out what you put in. This program requires you to write (or “journal”) on a regular basis. I wrote extensively the morning after each regression, capturing the experience, the memories, thoughts, and takeaways and truly letting them sink in. This is how you will integrate this work into your everyday life, making it REAL. It is worth the effort. If you are looking for someone to tell you what do with your life and answer all your questions, to magically hand you the keys… this process is not for you. You must take personal responsibility for your own future.

Andrew, Seattle

"As someone who has led a very comfortable life, deep down I knew I was anything but comfortable. I have always felt there was deep suffering, a sort of block, yet had no idea where it came from. Having wondered for years how to unlock my own “mystery”, I decided to follow my instinct blindly. This pursuit led me to Dominique. Immediately I felt connected to her and decided to trust the process completely. What a thrilling, scary, complicated journey I have traveled with Dominique. The first regression was an immediate flow of energy, emotions and incredible pain. This confirmed my suspicions of something going on beneath the surface! After just one session, my lifelong fear of fire is gone and I now understand where my intense demand for fairness and loyalty comes from. One session turned into another and soon I was yearning to do the soul regression program. As a busy working mom with limited finances, it seemed I didn’t have the time or resources to do something like this for myself, yet inside I knew I had to. On a leap of faith, I just went for it.
The soul regression program has not only helped me resolve things like fears and phobias but has also helped heal an eating disorder and provide direction with my stagnant career. For years I have defined who I am with my accomplishments and outward appearance. Setting unrealistic expectations and taking on others’ problems created inner torture that no one could see. Throughout the process, I struggled to feel my own emotions on command and to quiet my forever busy mind. Six months into the program, I am pleased with my progress – things have shifted inside. Unlocking past hurts, desires and knowledge has been so liberating and I am beginning to feel I truly have a soul. Before I felt so alone inside and now I am slowly realizing this is not the case. With Dominique’s gentle guidance, I am understanding my “mystery” more each day and starting to truly love myself for the first time. Life has more clarity and purpose – thank you Dominique for empowering me to truly find myself".

Jennifer, Seattle

“I have participated in one PLR (Past Life Regression) and two LBL (Life Between Lives) sessions over the span of two years. The altered state of consciousness experiences facilitated and guided by Dominique have made a profound, beneficial and lasting impact on my perceptions of reality, my inner peace and my trust in the spiritual. I have been a student of A Course In Miracles for over two decades and a devoted one over the past seven years and I owe a great deal to this spiritual work of art for much of the peace and safety I knew before my work with Dominique. But the journeys that I took in my LBL sessions gave me first-hand corroboration and an actual taste of the Course’s fundamental thought system and teachings. In my sessions I knew irrefutably that there is no death and that it is my belief system which single-handedly determines my experience of a given lifetime and that which occurs for me in the afterlife. As liberating and comforting was the awareness of realms awaiting each and every one of us of unconditional acceptance, forgiveness and love inhabited by guides and teachers personal and unique to us who are intimately aware of my particular soul’s choices and issues from the preceding lifetime and who are champions of its fullest potential going forward. I was able to bring questions and concerns that have been a constant source of confusion or discouragement in my current life to these Friends for comprehensive and clarifying answers and reassurance. These troubles and difficulties have completely disappeared from my day-to-day consciousness ever since, put to rest and replaced by a knowing that I am always looked in on and totally taken care of. With this knowledge that I am never alone, life has become increasingly simple, easy and enjoyable. I feel younger and happier now than I have been for a long, long time.” Blessings,

Joel, 62, Vancouver, Canada

"I can't possibly quantify how helpful the 12-session Soul Regression Program has been in my life. Dominique is amazingly skilled at regression work, asking just the right questions at just the right time so I encounter exactly what I need to learn. Her gentle, loving guidance inspires trust in her, and trust in oneself that we all have the capacity to expand our consciousness and communicate with our higher self, our other selves, our true self.
I had no idea what to expect when starting the program, other than that I would routinely be astonished by the relevance and poignancy of the moments in other lives I experienced. I sought out Dr. Glaub's services to get me through some difficult and confusing inner (and sometimes outer) turmoil, and to find my center and learn to trust myself again.
The stages of the Soul Regression program naturally inspire change, growth, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe. I was able to uncover programs running in the background of my consciousness that, once revealed, I could thoughtfully choose to unravel and rewrite. My belief systems were shaken up in the best way. I have a sense of clarity and purpose unlike anything I've ever felt before.
I've experienced dramatic shifts in my life and relationships I know would not have been possible without this work. The baggage I've let go and the karmic residue I've cleaned out has left me feeling free, joyful, and alive, with a life full of possibilities.
It's not easy, but it is infinitely worth it. I am also thankful for all the structured notes and progress notes I have from each session (thanks to Dominique's written questions for each session). It is an invaluable personal resource.
I very highly recommend soul regression work with Dr. Glaub".

Cherilynn, 36, Seattle

"When I started my sessions with Dominique, I expected them to be spectacular. I thought I would see clear pictures and scenes out of my former lives. I had in mind something like a movie. I have read the books from Michael Newton and the stories sounded very precise. But everything was less obvious. I was more feeling with my senses than seeing. In some sessions my body would hurt or I would feel sad, sometimes I felt nauseous or I had to cry. It felt very real. I was not seeing, I was experiencing!

After I finished the sessions I didn’t think about them much anymore. I was busy at the time with studying for an exam. I sort of forgot about it all. Then slowly things started to change. A new job was offered to me and I took the challenge. It was a great decision!

There are other changes I only slowly start to realize now. My awareness of things happening around me has changed, and I seem to attract new and different situations. I’m easier with people. It’s difficult to describe I seem to have changed and everything and everybody I’m in contact with, reacts differently because I’m different.

I used to wake up at night and felt this irrational panic. This panic is gone. I still wake up at night sometimes, but there is no more fear. There are probably more changes I can’t think of right now. I just know, something deep happened inside and it has changed me".

Regula, Switwzerland

"Dearest Dominique,
Initially I felt that I wanted a session in person, though I made the effort to create/book quiet time where we would not be disturbed while doing the session over the phone. Once I understood the nature of the session, I understood that the distance was not a hinderance or barrier in any way... Of course, these types of things are always up to what you/your heart can put into...how can we trust ourselves without trusting the other???

So, I made the sincere effort to create that sacred space, allowed you, Dominique, to share your expertise, and ultimately surrendered to the ritual of the process. I do have to say that I was most rather surprised with our session as well as the result and processes that unfolded in the following week or so...I knew about my past lives, but to be placed in the exact moment of transgression then, for the realization and resolution now, is a secret key to the simplest of truth - love.

Further, I love the new/old me - and it shows in my daily life. I have taken a path that returned to myself...a wonderful gift...you Dominique, are a wonderful gift to the spirit of the seeker's soul!

Keep well lovely angel
Love and hugs".

Joseph Borkovic, BC, Canada

“I took Dominique's 12-session's Soul Regression Program. Most of the sessions were difficult and painful, physically and emotionally, but I don’t regret any of them.

I have been practicing “positive psychology” for about 10 years, reading numerous Russian and Americans authors on that topic, however, books as useful as they are, are not enough, and leave one on their own. I found out that working with a guide and coach through this process is easier and more motivating.

I discovered Michael Newton’s books last summer. I found his students’ contact information on his site. This is how I met Dominique.
At that time my main concern was the deep loneliness I was feeling inside. I didn’t understand where it was coming from, or why it was happening to me. With that in mind, I began the program six months ago...

Because of Dominique’s guidance and regression process, I was able to better understand what I was feeling and where those negative emotions were coming from. I uncovered negative thoughts and old beliefs that were linked to difficult periods of my life, thoughts and beliefs that I was not even aware of!

Dominique helped me get rid of those negative emotions and thoughts, the ones that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. Despite the challenges encountered in some sessions, I was also able to experience the energy of love and compassion during several of them.

Six months ago, I was closed off. I felt lonely and unhappy, and I was blaming everything around me. Today, I can't pretend that I am a completely new person, but I am conscious of having changed. The solitude and loneliness did fade away. People tell me I am more open.

I am very grateful to Dominique for helping me. I am also very proud of the hard work I put into working on myself at a spiritual level, efforts that have lead to numerous and positive results".

Elena, Paris, France

"Dominique, the Life-Between-Lives (LBL) regression we did has profoundly changed my life. My focus was on the relationship with my son and I feel now a huge shift around our relationship. He seems to be moving forward with his life making powerful choices for himself and I don't feel the angst about those choices anymore! So very cool. Discovering my spirit guide's name led me to a spiritual teacher that I am following and am now heading off to his conference in May. So many other tendril energetic changes...
I appreciate the work you did with me - I want you to know that. I imagine there are many people that don't always notice the powerful impact that your work provides. I notice".

R.B., Portland, Oregon

"I was trying to build a practice as a coach, but nobody would show up. I started to doubt myself: did I need more training? or was I not yet ready inwardly? Will it ever work? I desperately needed confidence! I contacted Dominique with this request. I had two regression sessions with her. In one of them I remembered being unjustly sentenced. I was a successful and popular healer and attracted envy, ended up losing my life and taking my anger to my grave. I was so angry with God that he had let me down that I lost confidence in him. Then I re-visited another life time where I was a respected philosopher who influenced positively the whole village. I was a great source of inspiration. I could speak from the heart and felt an ever ending flow of compassion flowing through my spine. Comparing this happy life as a philosopher with my contemporary one I noticed how closed I had been. No wonder why nobody would come to me. I was then able to open the blockage and nurtured this new/old feeling of flow in my body. Two weeks later I had my first professional request. My client was very satisfied which encouraged me a lot.
But I went right back in the doubt, especially when nobody else come to see me afterwards. On a full moon evening I was intensely praying, banging against an imaginary door: “I am fed up with being stuck!!!” The idea came in that the door might be closed but not locked. I opened the door and entered into the light. I felt the presence of my spiritual guide. The joy of reunion was immeasurable on both sides. A deep feeling of confidence and being on track hadn’t left me since. Though nothing outer had changed, my doubts have completely disappeared. I trust in my guidance and in my ability to feel and follow it. Dominique only mirrorred what I say. She is present but puts herself completely in the background. She precisely senses where I need to “dig” deeper. She does this with open questions like “How do you feel”, “When did you feel the same way”, “Go deeper in this feeling”. At the end of the session I have the satisfaction of having found everything on my own which empowered me a lot".

Cyrille Philipps, Switzerland

"I highly recommend Dr. Dominique Glaub as your facilitator for your past-life regression. “Trust the wisdom of your soul, it knows the way…” I had never been hypnotized, and questioned whether it would work for me, as tended to be high-strung, and wasn’t sure I could give up my ‘control’. Discovered we have all the control, power and knowledge we need within us –it’s simply a question if we can quiet down our minds/ egos enough to hear the ‘inner whisper of our souls’. So GLAD I followed my intuition a PLR could be life-changing for me - now AND in the future. I spoke with Dominique by phone, and trusted her very quickly as I felt her warmth, integrity, and skill. She is highly intuitive, and immediately called me on my ‘happy dance’ performance I was giving about my oh-so-fantastic life, when in reality I was feeling both very broken-hearted and truly anxious. It’s hard to take off the mask to be vulnerable enough to change, and to grow. We get too comfortable in our dysfunction. Dominique excels at the fine art of knowing exactly when to gently encourage you to do the work necessary for YOUR personal growth, when to push you a bit harder, and when to try a different tack altogether, for YOU to accomplish wonderful breakthroughs! I had my first PLR Nov. 2011, and STILL feel the positive benefits today. The PLR was incredibly empowering and uplifting. It relieved so much of my life-long anxiety and ‘worrier’ bad habits and negative self-talk because I began to appreciate what a bigger, beautiful, bolder picture there is to our many lifetimes. I could let go of a lot of my perfectionism, need to over-work, be more fully present with those I love, and more in the moment. The PLR allowed me to begin releasing my angst, as well as to understand, appreciate and love myself much more fully. My PLR with Dr. Glaub helped heal my heart – what more can you ask for, in a brief span of 2 hours? Incredible! I scheduled my LBL a year out, as knew I had much spiritual work to accomplish first. Trust your instinct if you feel drawn to a PLR, and when to plan it".

Wendy, 51, Seattle

"I have been searching for answers outside of myself ever since I first picked up the Bible as a fundamentalist Christian child. I have read at least one book for every week of my life in an never ending search for the "right" answers and the "right" set of beliefs to guide my life by. The result has been an endless cycle of finding the answers that I thought were right only to discover that they were subject to doubt and that the "right" set of beliefs always had flaws and conflicts with reality.

After long years of continuing frustration and discouragement, one of Dominique's lectures made me acutely aware of the need for me to create my own spirituality based on answers I discovered from within, not outside of, myself. The problem was that I knew I would doubt the answers from within as much as I doubted the answers from outside myself and I had no guidelines for the inward journey. Dominique has provided me the way to discover the source of my answers from within and to identify why they are truly the answers I am searching for in creating my own spirtuality. These answers from within provide me with a map towards a life free of the desparate need to have the "right" set of beliefs and the perfectly correct philosophy of life.

The relief this provides for me is better then any other current "stress-reliever" I can find in the world today and I highly recommend you trying creating your own inward spirituality with Dominique's gentle but thouroughly professional help sometime soon, if you too are seeking relief."

Larry Bottimer, Boise, ID

“I went for a session with Dominique with the hopes of accessing a place of wisdom within to help guide me through life. I was surprised when I didn’t go into a deep hypnotic sleep, but stayed aware of my surroundings. At the same time my state of mind felt significantly altered. I regressed through several ages in this life, and then went much further back to a former life as an Inuit man. His name was Aaul, and although he felt separate from me, I experienced his extraordinary trust; his ability to be present and view every moment as a gift, and despite an unforgiving environment; his utter contentment in his solitude. He trusted his instincts, and didn’t question the consequences of his choices. He knew he was an integral piece of the fabric of life, where all things are interconnected and perfect. Dominique skillfully guided me to merge these two lives (past and present), and encouraged me to find areas in my present life where Aaul’s awareness could be applied. Today, I practice living more in the present, especially at work, which makes my life easier and more rewarding. I’m also working on trusting my first instinct when making decisions. Not second guessing me feels more peaceful, and makes it easier to exercise personal authority. But most importantly, when feelings of shame or unworthiness overwhelm me, I can turn to Aaul; he opens his arms; silently embraces me, and I feel my own perfection. This work is truly amazing. I can’t wait for my next adventure".

Jill, Canada

My LBL session and Past Life Regression with Dominique Glaub has helped me and enriched my life. It allowed me to experience my souls essence and remember who I am on a soul level. I am a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient and I am able to experience altered states of consciousness, such as theta states. And I communicate with my guides regularly. However, doing the LBL session allowed me to go to a deeper level of theta state than I had previously been able to go. This experience has deepened my connection to the spirit world. It allowed me to break through feelings of not being empowered and a lack of self acceptance. I always knew I was striving for awareness in my life, but I was always reticent to own my sense of self. Like a lurking doubt about myself. My LBL session allowed me to feel and understand more deeply my connection to the spirit world in a way I had not experienced before. It allowed me to more fully realize and embody my souls intentions for this life. I now understand many of my choices about my life in a deeper way. And realize what's really important in life and have learned to let go of what really wasn't serving my highest purpose. I also feel a greater internal freedom and feel more at choice in my life. My past life regression with Dominique was also a very empowering experience and allowed me to remove blocks. It was great preperation for my LBL session. I feel that Dominique is excellent at what she does and was a wonderful guide through this process. I feel fortunate to have had this experience. Thank you Dominique.

Rose Wray, 40, Kirkland, WA

"I have enrolled in Dominique's Soul Regression Therapy Program. After 8 sessions with her, I am excited to see where I am already at, and can't wait for the next session. The pain faded away about 4 sessions ago. I feel I am now being re-constructed, or better all those negative energies I was carrying with me all those many years are leaving me. I see now my mother's deliberate and calculated sadism for all the 39 years of my life when she was alive belonging to her. I did not create this, contrary to her repeating daily that it was all my fault. I was never able to get enough distance from the deep pain and disturbances she caused in me until I started my sessions with Dominique. I still see my mother with all her faults, her abuses, her stealing, lies, deceptions, her put downs, her immoral lifestyle, but I see it from a distance now. I am separate from her now, and that changes me. I am becoming myself. I am a lot nicer then I had anticipated, which of course makes me happy. I learn to know myself.

As all those frozen feelings of pain and hurt thaw and melt away, my own bright, sunny personality shines through. it makes me sad, that almost at the end of my life at the age of 64, I am learning to live and that I missed 64 years in my life. But the feeling of happiness of finding myself is stronger in the end. I used to be very disturbed, I avoided people at all cost, I was guarded, I was anxious, often depressive, working in my profession which my mother had chosen for me. It was a daily agonizing and torturous and an extremely stressful experience.

I also feel now my shortcomings, my own faults, but I can accept those now, which I could not before these regression sessions. These sessions are different from anything I have experienced before. Dominique does not dwell in my past, she opens doors, I walk through and she walks right beside me, kindly and encouraging. I am thankful that we have no discussions about my past, I don't have to ruminate in old pains. She is warm and accepting whatever comes from the depth of whatever speaks inside of me. Each session seems different, each session is an adventure into my own psyche and memories, even those from past lives. I learned that some of my problems don't come from this life, but from a past life. Such as the neck problem I had all my life, which was a side effect. I was told that it was the tension in my body that was causing this chronic neck pain. But one session with Dominique brought memories back from a past life in which I was injured on my neck, but had never accepted the feelings of fear and betrayal. I saw in hypnosis these past events and Dominique explained to me that we are here to learn, to expand our souls and hearts, to grow as humans and that the emotions that are not acknowledged and accepted stay frozen in the memory through several life times and affect my present life. I am a witness to this fact. The neck pain was not the problem for which I saw Dominique. But it had plagued me all my life.

I need time after each session to sort myself out. So much happens va hypnosis and regression. I usually process this in dreams and thoughts over the next few weeks after the session. My understanding of the astounding dynamics in my environment is increasing exponentially and at the same time the understanding of my own role deepens. I always knew there is a better way than talk therapy, and now I found it. Events start making sense, lies I have been told come to light and life becomes a lot easier. The world is becoming a friendlier place".

Jutta, 2013, Seattle, WA

'I live in a suburb of Berne, the Swiss capital, in a little town. I'm 59, my mother tongue is German, but I speak English and French quite well. I started meditating / my spiritual search in 1974 and was "on track" since. But this doesn't spare one of going through intense transformation processes and crises.

Last spring a friend recommended me the books of Michael Newton about LBL research, as a means of releasing old karmic patterns. I was curious and very much interested in getting to know more about my soul group and my past uncleared experiences which gave me, especially during my school and student years an extreme shyness (which I have totally overcome) and an unexplainable sadness, which was still lingering in the background.

I searched for a therapist for LBL here in Switzerland and surroundings, but none of the many persons did convince me. When I saw on Newton’s website the description of Dr. Glaub and that she sometimes comes to Switzerland for regressions, I felt an inward attraction. (I'm dowsing with a pendulum to make intuition visible, and this also tested positive). I wrote to her when she would come to Switzerland, she answered that in November, but that she does treatments also via Skype. (My wife also took some sessions with her and was very convinced of her work, too). However, I was skeptical, as a basic attitude, as my wife sometimes said. I did 2 sessions with Dr. Glaub where there were strong feelings of dilemna and being drawn apart came up. She recommended me to do the 12 sessions course and not the LBL session (though that was what I first wanted to do). She said that there is too much to clear with emotional wounds before going to LBL. I said, OK.

I now have had I think 9 sessions, together with the first preliminary ones. Each session turned out to bring up some strange stories dealing with wounds / inner conflicts I also had encountered at some time in this life, but in a visual setting with other personalities. In no situation I could identify any person and say, this is now Mrs or Mr. so and so in this life. No, it didn't work that way. These were very intense images which came, though often it took a long time for me (I estimate 45-60 min of the 90 min sessions) to get to the core. In this, Dr. Glaub turned out to be a really good guide, non-enforcing anything, but very clear to bring me through the many layers of my subconscious which I never had accessed before through meditation (though I knew some visions of past situations from a few meditations and from clairvoyant persons who told me a bit - but these situations didn't show up in the treatments.)

At first I felt "disappointed" in a way because of my expectations, but the experiences were better than what I had expected. I really feel a great release and the topics of inner wounds which I had carried for a long time fell away. The last sessions I felt very well in the beginning, but Dr. Glaub succeeded to guide me to layers where very old stories were hidden. And these were cleared, too.

I sometimes felt a bit dizzy after the sessions, but kept in a silent mood and wrote down my report (each time you have to send in a report about the session and answer some questions of a progress note sheet.) And this is very well to anchor the experiences the content of which very quickly dissipate in everyday life.

I understand that you have to look also for the financial aspect - we took the money from some savings we had done, and I must say, it was a good "investment". And my wife is also sure about it. I experience Dr. Glaub as a very qualified person for these regression sessions. And I was also astonished how well it worked with me being in Switzerland and she in Seattle. Even when the Skype connection sometimes was disturbed for a moment we quickly came back into the depth of the process".

Ludger Philips

"It's been a few months since I finished my regression sessions with Dominique and I feel as there has been a shift in my awareness, my consciousness, perhaps even a "vibrational" shift, as I seem to attract totally new and fascinating things into my life. To start with, I think I "attracted" Dominique and her work into my life because she would be able to help me navigate through some important changes that I was going to implement in my life, such as reduce my working hours dramatically, start a professional redirection into a totally new field for me, move into a new flat etc.

I learnt two important things when working with Dominique: First, I have all the answers within me, second, I can trust them. Because trust is what I most lacked, and most needed now in order to welcome and embrace the wonderful things that are going to unfold in my life.

I have always been, and still am, an avid reader, I have been devouring books for answers since I'm an adolescent. I still devour them, there is nothing bad about that, and I bumped into some absolutely amazing books with new ideas recently, but I now know how to see and trust my own truth too. Working with Dominique also helped me understand that my soul choses whatever I find on my path in order to allow me to experience and express who I really am. I am therefore never a victim, but the captain of my life.

Take as an example my biggest challenge in life, which is fear. I understand now that fear and anxiety have a purpose for me. First they help me open my heart to love, which is the opposite of fear. Working with Dominique made me understand this, but of course it is still a daily struggle to actually step out of fear each time it takes over, and let my soul back into the driver's seat.

Another thing worth mentioning: before I was unable to make a difference between input coming from my rational mind or the one coming from my soul. Today I can perfectly distinguish the two, and I am very careful when my mind is talking. I know it's trying to help, but sometimes it simply can't, because it doesn't have all the necessary information, whereas my soul does.

Working with Dominique was the first step into a totally new direction, the first step on my new path, which I deeply know is leading me to my life's purpose.... and therefore home. Thanks to Dominique I also realize that being vulnerable and having "thin borders" is actually not a problem that I need to solve, but rather part of my true nature. Vulnerability actually helps me grow and evolve towards Who I really am, a kind, loving, compassionate being. Thank you, Dominique, for helping me realize this".

Bettina, Switzerland.

“Dominique, thank you so much for the amazing Past-Life and Life-Between-Lives Regression sessions I had with you. I was nervous about being able to do it, as I've never had any past life experience before working with you, but you guided me so gently and skillfully into it that I felt very relaxed and found I could easily move through it. I felt so comfortable with you, your warm presence, sensitivity, and profound spiritual awareness. I feel energized and expanded by the experience; I sense myself letting go of lifelong self-doubt and limitations. I found helpful qualities in past lives that I had repressed or denied in myself; the Life within me feels stronger and more complete. I feel so free! I have a much clearer sense of what my task is in this lifetime and feel so supported in accomplishing it. Most amazing was the strong sense of pure, boundless, unconditional Love that permeated it all. There were surprises along the way that let me know it was real. I have more clarity in my relationships and a deeper trust in my own inner Voice, connection with Spirit and the risen Christ. This was a life-
transforming experience, and I look forward to living it out in new ways. I feel deeply grateful and full of rejoicing!”

K.W., 69, Counselor, Sequim, Washington

"Hello Dominique,
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the LBL session we did last week. Here, 10 days later, I am still seeing new connections and finding new insights based on that experience. It is just remarkable! My life makes sense to me in a way it didn't before. Seemingly random events from the past now appear to fit logically into the whole. When I listen to parts of the recording of the session, I am struck by how much I already knew about my soul's life. And yet, I didn't take that knowledge seriously. I know now how much of the time I am in touch with that Presence that can't be described in words. I also know now that I can trust how that feels as guidance for the rest of my life.
It has been said that words don't teach: life experience does. I believe that is true. Those of us who are "seekers" can read books and go for readings from people who are psychically gifted. But that just gives us "words" to describe our lives. The LBL process lets us go beyond words and tap into our experience banks. And because the experiences we tap into are our own, they have more potency for us than the words, even words about us specifically, given to us by other people.
Thank you for your gentle guidance into and through the process. You made me feel very safe, which I think was essential in order to relax deeply and have a good experience. I very much appreciate your kindness and professionalism."

M.M., Seattle

"Going through a Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapy regression is one of the most personally profound experiences one can have. As a client I attribute the success of my session to the skillful sensitivity of my therapist, Dominique Glaub. Her ability to guide my process by tuning into my needs was an art-form. Her patience, compassion and non-invasive approach allowed me to receive the gift of expanded awareness and deeper soul understanding."

Toby Evans. Author of Keeper of the Circles: Answering the Call to Wholeness and Creator of the Chakras Labyrinth Cards

"At the time that we took Dr. Glaub's class on understanding the yin and yang qualities within a relationship, we had been dating for a little over a year. Although there was nothing severely disfunctional with our relationship, we wanted it to remain strong and stable. So we took the class to learn how to better communicate with each other. Men and women tend to approach a situation from different points of view. When dealing with an issue, it helped us to truly understand each other's individual perspectives. Also, the class being held with other people really helped us to learn from all the different ways a situation can be dealt with. Thank you so much Dr. Glaub, for giving us the tools to build a stronger more meaningful relationship as well as how to maintain it."

D&A, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

"Dr. Glaub's technique during the session guided me to make a change. It has enabled me to take action in a different way from what I normally do...A truly life-changing experience for me."

- Anita Louise Bell, 52, Massage Therapist, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

"Regression Therapy has assisted me in gaining further conscious awareness into the reasons behind "why" I have the beliefs that I do. I have better understanding of programs that in the past triggered an almost automatic response, creating the same results. Now I can choose a different response, creating a different result...the result I want."

- Regina Griffin, 36, Owner of the Mad Hacker Salon, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

" I was physically injured in two major car accidents, then was sexually assaulted by my physical therapist. I lost my health, car, my job, my sense of self and worth - EVERYTHING -...all within an 18 month period. I've spent several years recovering since. It's been the most trying, painful experience I've ever been through. Yet by far the most educational. I can honestly say that meeting Dominique Glaub has been a blessing for me. She has helped me put things back in perspective, and has taught me how to find my own answers from within myself. She is a wonderful, wonderful person, that gives you her full attention, wisdom and respect. It's hard to describe all she has taught me..."

A.B., 32. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

"Dominique Glaub worked with me to resolve current life issues through hypnosis and past-life regression techniques. With her help, I was able to see the basis of the current issues that were affecting my life, and by looking at the past, I was able to see and implement the solution. Dominique made this a great and wonderfully healing experience for me. I would recommend her and her many healing talents to anyone who is interested in healing and growth."

KM, Seattle, Washington.

"Dominique has guided me through the work I needed to do to get my life back in balance. When I came to her I was really struggling and had little hope of finding happiness again. I just knew I didn't like where I was at and that there must be a better way. She helped me to identify the lessons for me in my current life situations and to look within for the answers. As I began to look at my life as a training ground full of lessons rather than reacting and feeling victimized, I began to build energy, confidence, and faith. Now I am seeing the light within me and throughout the universe and realize that I can be happy anytime, in any situation. My happiness doesn't depend on people, worldly things, or events anymore. I view myself and others in a much more accepting and compassionate way. And I know who I am."

Judy Wells, 37, Management Consultant. Seattle, Washington.

"From a young age I've watched the rat race which our culture has become and vowed not to become part of it. But as the decades passed I realized, to my horror, that I was very much wrapped up in the very rat race that I was seeking to avoid, so I just checked out. I didn't have a very clear idea of how I'd gotten where I was and I was scared to put energy into forward motion without some confidence that I was headed in the right direction this time. So I was stuck in a depressing limbo with a lot of unfinished business from the past behind me and the uncertainty of the future in front of me and life's busy work piling up all around me. Being suspicious of therapy and therapists, and thinking that I ought to be able to manage my own life, I waited till I was desperate before calling Dominique. In the very first session Dominique was able to put her finger on my main obstacle. In following sessions she helped me to see that many of my decisions were being made on the basis of other people's priorities and expectations. This was a real shocker since I've always had a strong tendency to question assumptions and reject things that don't seem right to me and to do things my own way, no matter what other people think. But somehow along the way there were societal values that I absorbed and was treating as Truth when they were just someone else's idea of how the world should work and what should make people happy and what responsible adults do and do not do. This sort of problem seems so out of character for me that I guess I was blind to it. We don't see what we're not looking for. I don't know if I would ever have figured it out on my own without Dominique's objective insight. Now I'm moving forward again and I think I see glimpses of the Path. I expected I would recognize it by the neon signs along it but now I think maybe there aren't always neon signs; maybe sometimes just a subtle warm glow. If it weren't for Dominique, I think I'd still be wandering around anxiously looking for those neon signs. So if you're stuck and wondering what life is about and why you're here and you don't see the answer on a neon sign then give Dominique a call and she'll give you the guidance you need to point yourself in the right direction. The answers are inside but sometimes you need a little help knowing how to look - they don't teach this in school."

Anonymous, Seattle

"In recent years my ability to find my own answers had been deteriorating. The death of my dog was calling up all the issues I had about where my life was still not going. The final blow was loosing my intuition--I could not seem to calm my mind enough to clearly process all the information that was pouring into my life. When I contacted Dominique, I was looking for answers I knew I had but that were falling away from me. Working with Dominique allowed me to learn more about what is deeply motivating me. In less than six months there are new levels of accomplishment in my marriage, my mental health, my interaction with others. Dominique has help construct a frame of mind that allows me to apply a calmer, peaceful perspective to external and internal situations."

Theresa Calter, Writer, Seattle, WA.

"Thank you Dr. Glaub for helping me open that window to self-discovery. I have always thought my problems in life where so complex and complicated. I felt the need to resolve all problems and uncertainty in my life before I actually could give myself permission to love myself. I was so imperfect! I resented anyone reflecting that imperfection back to me. I hid from others and myself under a false sense of bravado and confidence. I was a great actress! But, I never was able to fool myself. My act finally became a burden that I didn?t have the strength to manage anymore. My spirit was hidden behind my act. You helped me to challenge my patterns of thought and look behind the fears to find the true roots that kept me locked in this behavior. Through the past life regression I saw the patterns that were still presenting problems in my life and just seeing them in this way illuminated the solutions. I saw a pattern of avoiding conflict by any means (i.e. dishonesty, avoidance). In my mind any conflict in my relationships were because of my flaws. I was actually shaking the first time I decided to just say what was in my heart to a person I had tried to appease my entire life. I didn?t avoid the conflict, but it felt so good to be honest! I may not be able to change a difficult situation, but I can act from my heart with integrity, instead of ducking behind my mask. I am building a relationship with myself the same way one is built with another?with understanding, trust and openness. It feels great! It has been an invaluable lesson to solve seemingly impossible problems with one thing, Honesty!"

DH, Interior Designer, Seattle, WA

"My girlfriend decided to end our relationship - again. We had gone out 7 years before, and she had ended it then. Then we started dating again, and a little over a year later, I was in the same 'breakup' boat. I didn't really know the reason why the relationship ended either time. I just knew that it was time to stop
setting myself up like this with the same person. After this second difficult breakup, I tried hard to resolve my relationship issues by reading books. But that wasn't enough. I needed someone to talk to that could help me work through this. Plus I wanted to learn how to build healthy relationships. One day I ran across Teri's success story on Dr. Glaub's website. I was really inspired to talk to Dr. Glaub. I called her, spoke with her, and was very comfortable with her style right away. My favorite form of therapy with Dr. Glaub was her dream work/analysis. Each session, I would tell about a significant dream that I had that I felt dealt with my relationship. We would go over it to figure out what the dream was trying to tell me about the
relationship situation. If I didn't understand the dream, Dr. Glaub would work with me to see if I could uncover the message. I can't describe how much that helped me reach new heights in my personal
growth! So I'd advise anyone looking for a compassionate, encouraging, exceptional therapist to call Dr. Glaub. To me, she's more than I 'dreamed' a therapist could be..."

RB, 36, Falls Church, VA

"I've worked with Dominique for the last 3 months and I feel like a completely different person. When I started working with Dominique, I was on the brink of suicide. I was so angry and caught up in my own self-hatred that I'd lost complete perspective of who I really was, and the power I had to take responsibility for my life. I'd just been fired from my last job, was very close to becoming homeless for the first time in my life and felt absolutely no love or possibility for happiness. After working with Dominique for 3.5 weeks, not only did I get a new job starting a new career, but I had four offers based on intentions that I'd explored with Dominique on my most immediate needs. In the next eight weeks, I've learned the skills necessary to begin healing my own self-hatred, and in the context of working with the stress and responsibility of learning a totally new career and setting realistic boundaries with all kinds people concerning who I am and what I need. For the first time in my life, I'm accepting all of who I really am, taking full responsibility for my actions, and more importantly, grieving and loving myself with the kind of healthy dignity to become whole. Dominique has helped me to understand that I have the power to shape my own destiny, and I have the skills and strength to overcome any obstacle or set back. She's the real deal!

Gene Bridges, 50. Seattle, WA.

“When I first found Dominique, I was a disaster. I was barely able to leave my house due to a barrage of anxiety and panic attacks I was experiencing several times each day. The attacks had inexplicably materialized about six months earlier, and had been steadily increasing in intensity and regularity. I had never before experienced anything like it, and was unsure of what to do or how to handle it. All I knew was that it had suddenly and instantly turned my life upside down, unseated me from my foundational belief system, and I didn’t think I could stand it much longer. However, I felt very strongly about finding a treatment that didn’t involve drugs or any other “band-aid” temporary solution that would simply mask the problem – I really wanted to get to the root of what was going on and find a drug-free method of healing.
Dominique’s hypnotherapy and guidance were EXACTLY what I needed. Together we have delved into and explored avenues of my thinking and behavior, which has enabled me to modify what is no longer working in my life. While we focused on the cause of the panic attacks, several other concerns have surfaced that have helped me take an honest look at myself, my life, way of thinking, and why I do what I do. As a result, I have been able to enjoy a much more authentic life and am thoroughly benefiting from my journey of self-discovery. I know there is still more to do, but realize that the solution lies in the process.
Working with Dominique has been absolutely wonderful because her style is gentle and flexible yet directed and organized; she is patient, friendly, non-judgmental, and caring. Her insightful methods are powerful and incredibly effective, yet so mild and peaceful I often wondered how she did it. I am so grateful to have found and worked with her – it has truly been a life-changing experience!”

C.J., 28, Seattle, WA

"Finding Dominique and working with her has been the most profound action I have ever taken in beginning to realize peace in my life...Never having undergone therapy before, Dominique was immediately compassionate, patient, kind, non-judgmental, and accepting...She has positively affected all my relationships. My spouse is extremely pleased that my personal happiness has improved so much since participating in therapy. She has helped me to find my own answers within and has facilitated the realization that problems and conflict in my life can be resolved by shifting my perceptions about each issue. She is a truly skilled guide. ...Therapy with Dominique is a voyage of gently directed self-discovery. One of her remarkable qualities is that she is gifted in encouraging you to put forth the effort in healing yourself. Rather than handing over a recipe for resolving difficulties, she tailors your treatment to your needs. ...Finding myself at first somewhat wary of hypnotherapy, I have found it to be an extremely insightful tool in understanding my behaviors. Dominique is adept with this technique and I now feel free from all anxiety while taking part in it.
...Anyone who wants to truly understand what motivates their actions will find in Dominique the assistance they have been searching for. I highly recommend her services."

- Teri Maxwell, 39. Instructional Technology Specialist. Riverside California.

My Life-Between-Lives Regression.
I recommend Dominique Glaub, PhD highly for your soul’s journey LBL session. She is the perfect, charming, wise spiritual partner for this intensely moving, personal voyage. She will coach you to access the wisdom from your past lives, your Guides, your Elders, and most importantly, YOURSELF. My LBL was like starting to awaken my hidden, mostly forgotten, very best self? I’ve struggled to be able to receive, to feel love and acceptance all my life, and most especially to have the right feminine-masculine energy long-term in my romantic relationships. This was heart-breaking, as I could not find or maintain my soul mate relationship that felt like my destiny, though I was living an outwardly very blessed, high-achieving, successful, and in many ways fulfilling life.
As I continued to prepare for the LBL, I learned how to trust, open up, let go, and communicate with my Guides for the first time! It’s made an unbelievable difference in my daily life to experience their unconditional love, wisdom, and never-ending support. I became so much more ‘complete in myself’. The session became a catalyst to spiritually awaken more, and to truly LIVE my life purpose. The PLR used to launch into the LBL resolved much of my male-female energy and ’male provider’ issues. An incredible gift! It was deeply moving to reunite with one of my Guides, my soul group, and to recognize a key soul mate ‘right next door at 2 o’clock!!!’ in an adjacent soul group, during my LBL. I’ve been so fortunate to have an LBL that continues to give me gifts as it unfurls like a rose, allows me to continue to connect more dots, do more releasing, and catapult my progress – my life – forward! My LBL was one of the most positive, life-affirming events of my life – that 4-hour session was as important to my heart as falling in love, and giving birth to and raising two beautiful children. It’s amazing how its impact grows, as I continue to absorb the lessons and healing from my LBL session. Thank you, Dominique, from the bottom of my heart.

Wendy, 51, Seattle.

"When beginning my series of regressions with Dominique I had a certain idea from reading Dr. Newton's book on Life between Lives about what my regression experiences might look like. I had some situations from this life which I wanted to clarify with the regressions. The sessions turned out to be different from what I thought. The expected experiences did not come, but what came was much better for the inner healing.

Every regression brought up some topic in an unexpected way, though it often took a longer time to pierce through the many veils, as they were presenting themselves either just vague sceneries or seemingly unimportant pictures passing by. But Dominique guided me in a clear but non-intrusive way to go deeper and beyond, until the hidden emotions of past impressions revealed themselves. The imagery often took surprising turns and presented situations of deep inner conflicts. When I tried to explain to Dominique what I experienced or compare it with situations of my present life, she gently brought me back again from the intellectual plane of explanations to the experience and the related emotions – from the left brain analysis to the right-brain immersion.

In every regression I entered I could say that I was in this country and that time and in that role, and I'm sure that these were past-lives as their impact were very strong and the regression process was healing…but seen from my "left-brain’s understanding” I have "no evidence" about them. In all of the regressions I did so far I never met anybody related to my present life, no-one I would identify as "of my soul-group", no situation where I "recognised" any circumstances or persons nor clear time / historical periods (and neither were there "life between life experiences" of any of the kinds I had read in Newton's books). This does not at all diminish the value and effect of the experience. What always astonished me were the turns the processes take and the depths of the emotional "debris" cleared.

To me what was much more valuable was the authenticity of the experiences and the reconciliation process during each session which helped me resolve deeply hidden present-day themes.

During the regressions I sometimes could not say whether I was deep or not deep in the process – For example I immediately came out when there was a disturbance in the Skype transmission, and could easily slip back into the process again shortly after.

The more I learnt to let go of my preconceived conceptions the better I could glide through the process. Dominique helped me through pinpointing the “trouble spots” and then through healing the wounds. This wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance. Session after sessions I became more and more confident with the process and my trust increased. I am very thankful for the profound transformations the regressions have brought about".

Ludger Philips, Switzerland


"Here I was, sitting in Riverside with a great job, stability, lots of vacation time, and a beautiful home. Why was I feeling so unsettled? I felt bored, restless, but couldn't really define anything more beyond that. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, so I started on the first of many discussions about making some changes with Dominique. As we started talking about my feelings I laid out some simple things I wanted. I sought a job that was more relaxed, would eek out more personal time (I already had seven weeks off per year), and get me out of the office. Work was OK, but somehow I wanted a way to have a great time at work and have even more vacation.

Dominique helped me to pinpoint what it was I wanted from work. We had spent quite a few sessions learning to not make my current work feel like such a chore. I found different ways of finding time for fun during each day. I also learned to ask for what I needed from my colleagues without guilt, and to make concise statements and requests that helped me to be happier and more relaxed at work. Learning these skills transferred over to other areas of my life also. Once I accomplished this to a certain degree, I could focus on what an ideal work situation would look and feel like. Dominique didn't have me pick out any particular job, but rather how a particular work day/week would look and feel. This was tough for me and took some time. I wanted to go to work in more casual dress (preferably shorts and a t-shirt), put my hair up in a ponytail, have more fun, and be outdoors more. I also wanted more vacation time. I felt a little ridiculous at times actually verbalizing this. It seemed so immature and child-like, but these were my true desires and I had always felt too embarrassed to express them before. I can't exactly remember how she prompted me and don’t know how she got me to pull all of that out of myself, but she did! These conversations evolved into something else that I wanted. This involved making a bigger change, a move to the beach.

I had half-heartedly thrown around the idea of moving to San Diego. I'd always loved the beach and somewhere in the back of my mind wanted that lifestyle, but could it actually become a reality? I had thought that having a life that emulated my vacations would be awesome. For me, that was lolling around the beach, riding my bike, exploring the local shops, finding great little restaurants, and having a lot of fun! After much beating around the bush, I discussed it with Dominique and that I wanted to make this happen. The whole idea of it was very overwhelming and I thought of numerous obstacles, but Dominique was excellent at helping think of the "Why versus the "Why Not". She helped me realize that if I really wanted to have it, that it was possible and she would teach me how. YIKES! How could she be so certain that I could do that when I had huge doubts about it myself? However, that kind of validation from her in fact helped me feel like it was not such a crazy idea.

We started with a timeline. Since I worked in education, I wanted to make the transition in the summer. We continued focusing on making myself happy in my present job, always practicing weekly the skills I had learned thus far. That was the odd thing to me. I was actually enjoying my work in Riverside more than I had in years. I no longer felt like I needed to get out of there like I did before, like I was fine with what I was doing, yet I was still feeling pulled to make some changes. During this time, I went to a computer conference in San Diego. A few days before the conference I saw a flyer for a job faire the same weekend. I decided should go and see what was happening. At the conference, there were some school districts advertising for that same job faire across town the next day. I decided I was definitely going.

I arrived the next morning with a few hundred other teachers. The crowd was huge! Every school district in the county was there taking applications, with some giving interviews. I ended up having a few interviews and at the end of the day went back to my hotel hoarse and exhausted. A few bites, but no job! I went back to work the next week and continued on with life. Then three weeks later, I had two job offers! What was so awesome was that one of them was teaching Adapted PE for a special education department. It was suddenly a reality! I would have a great job, be outdoors in casual clothes everyday, and have an additional four weeks off per year. WOW! Then I completely freaked out. I now had to find a place to live! Aside from being an enormous creature of habit, I had lived in the same city for 37 of my 38 years. The thought of getting my house sold and finding a new place within five months was daunting.

Somewhere in that time Dominique explained a new idea to me that of being able to manifest certain things in my life. She explained the basic concept to me. It was and still is difficult for me to wrap my brain around this idea. After her explanation, it sounded like I had done it somehow finding my job. Now I was going to put the concept into practice again, this time finding my new home.

After another session discussing my move, I discovered something about myself. I was harboring this belief that I didn’t somehow deserve a house by the beach, and that having this kind of life was somehow throwing my very modest wealth into the face of my working class family. Oh, the guilt of it all! We had a couple more sessions that examined my two very opposing viewpoints:
1. The Guilt. I don’t deserve that great lifestyle, and that if I had any extra income, I shouldn't flaunt it by showing off, move away from my rather tight-knit immediate family, and spend all of that money on myself.

2. The Fun. Dang it, I just want to have fun and a more active lifestyle!

I finally realized that after looking at both sides that it was OK to allow myself some fun, make the move, that I wasn’t being disrespectful, showing off, or trying to separate myself, and that I could do it all guilt-free. I saw that it was OK to move just because I wanted to enjoy my life and have this new experience. Once I settled into the comfort of those new realizations, I was ready to go. But now the very real world worries of being able to afford living at the beach crept in. I lived in a nice home in a great area of town in Riverside…would I be able find something as nice in San Diego? Looking for a home in San Diego turned discouraging quickly. It was horribly expensive…where was that house I was searching for?

Next, Dominique had me actually draw what my house would look like. I had to draw everything! I drew what it looked like on the outside, front & back, the floor plan, the beach nearby, I even drew my pets into the picture. A week later I was faxing my pictures to Dominique, showing I had completed my homework. I thought it was a little silly at first. I was a little uncomfortable with it, not wanting to trap myself into a certain look or feel to the house.

Then I went back to my everyday life, spending a few weekends in San Diego looking for a place to live. Dominique suggested not systematically scouring neighborhoods, driving streets, and getting an agent just yet, but rather just get a general feel for the different communities. Did I listen? NOPE! My very linear, logical, thinking mind took over. I thought that I should live in this section or that section of town. This turned into weeks of beating my head against a brick wall. I was looking for a house to rent, not wanting to buy a house or commit to an area I wasn’t sure I’d like in the long run. This was frustrating also since I could not seem to find any rentals that I liked. After I finally confessed as to what I’d been doing, we delved deeper into what the house would actually feel like to me.

Dominique had me relax and visualize the house with some prompts she had given, and then proceeded to ask me questions about what I was seeing in my head. Through this session, I more clearly defined this house. A house appeared in my mind's eye. It was not a complete picture as seen in a magazine, but snapshots of different areas of the house, although they were very detailed. Through Dominique’s questioning I was able to get the following information. The house was a brown color, it had wood pillars on the front, and it was about 60 years old. However, a couple of things were bothering me. First, there were some stairs going up, and I wanted a single story house. So Dominique prompted me to erase the stairs and make it look the way I wanted. The other thing was that the floors were all covered with carpet and I didn't want the house covered with carpet. So in my mind I peeled the carpeting back to the left and revealed beautiful wood floors. That made the interior beautiful in my mind. Now where I stood inside that house I could get easily to the backyard through a passageway back through the center of the house to my backyard. With that I felt complete and we ended the session. Now along with my drawings, I had even more information to work with. We concluded with some instructions from Dominique that when I go to San Diego again, to have some fun, enjoy myself, and quit trying so hard!

The next time my spouse and I had some time off, we headed down to San Diego and went up to the North County area. We went there to explore, take in the beaches up there, and have some fun. We ended up in a cute village area near the water filled with shops and restaurants. We were walking down the street window-shopping and walked by a real estate agency and couldn’t resist looking at pictures of houses in the window. An agent walked by inside and popped her head out the door. She said “hi” and asked if we were looking for anything. We said "No, not really." She came all the way out and we started chatting and telling her we were just here for the day having fun. We told her we were moving to the San Diego area, but couldn't find anything we wanted to rent and about our needs. She started doing her "real estate agent thing" and we just said "No thanks" and started to continue our walk down the street. She stopped us and said that she lived up the road and the area she lived in was close to the beach and a great neighborhood. She finally said, "C'mon, let's take a ride and I'll show you my neighborhood, there are a couple of houses available up there." So we hopped in her car and drove five minutes up the road.

We drove around for a few blocks, taking everything in and then she stopped in front of this house. We got out of the car and stood in front looking at it. I thought it was very cool even though the yard definitely needed some TLC, but it was nice. I stood there some more. Hmmm...wood pillars, garage off to the left, fenced back yard, big window in the front...wow, this kind of looks like the house I drew months ago for Dominique. We walked around to the backyard. It was large for being so close to the beach. We came around and went in the front door. That's when it struck me. There it was, wood flooring in the house, with a small area of new carpet peeled back to the left in the small dining area. The agent told us that carpeting had just recently been pulled out and the wood re-done. I looked up an almost straight back through the center of the house I could get to a sliding glass door that led out to the backyard. It was just what I had seen weeks before in the session with Dominique. We continued to look around. I really liked the house, it just felt warm and cozy inside. I asked the agent how old it was, because my very practical mind kicked in thinking, "Man, this house is old, it probably has a lot of hidden trouble." I asked the age of the house. It was 55 years old. We walked down to the beach taking only a few minutes to get there. We stood there looking at the ocean. My mind was reeling. What was going on? How could this place seem so perfect? Why today? Why here? I had to admit there were some strong correlations with everything I had drawn, thought, talked about, hoped for in my work with Dominique over the past months. Although it was exactly what we had been looking for, I was getting a little overwhelmed and didn't want to make any decisions about anything right then and there. So we went back to the village area and said thank you and good-bye.

We went back to Riverside and later that week I pulled out the pictures I had drawn long ago. The similarities were striking. Through my work with Dominique I had drawn that house I was just in and had gotten more details about it with subsequent sessions. We went back to look at the house again and put in an offer that was later accepted. As escrow progressed we had an independent home inspection. I notice some ground up stucco outside in the backyard. I asked if there had been any construction done lately and they explained that the owner had removed the second story rooms over the house, removed the stairs, and re-roofed the house so that it could be sold. "Good grief" I thought to myself, they took out the stairs! I was genuinely shocked, although by this time I should not have been. A couple of months later we moved in.

So here I am, living a life that only a couple of years ago I would never had dared to dream. I have a job that gives me a comparable salary to what I made before and 11 weeks off per year. I get up every morning and throw on some shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, put my hair up and my sunglasses on. I live in an incredible place, with the beach a few blocks away, a grand assortment of activities, restaurants, bike paths, and pedestrian zones. In a period of about 6 months I had turned my dream into reality. My weekly work with Dominique paid off. Although it didn't feel like work (well sometimes it did!...), I know that my effort and Dominique's skill at guiding me has led me here. I still pinch myself occasionally, especially at times where I am in the moment really enjoying and appreciating the things I had dreamt of doing...riding my bike by the ocean, cruising the shops nearby, getting dressed for work, having breakfast at an outdoor café and reading the newspaper, carrying my sand chair, a book, and a snack to the nearby beach. I feel a great sense of accomplishment, and a huge debt of gratitude to Dominique for teaching me how to invite these experiences into my life. Working with her has definitely been a life altering experience for me."

Teri, California.

Here is a client’s recap of his two prep sessions. He did write this report immediately after his sessions. This male client had no prior past-life regression experience and was concerned about his active left-brain interfering. The session was done with audio-Skype.
At first you can see how the client struggles to “see” something. Eventually he overcomes it by surrendering to the process.

Prep 1 (July 2, 2014)
"The session starts.
First we do some word associations. Relaxation. Induced trance. This may have taken half the time of this session. I was second guessing everything, in a way I was a mental mess.
Note: through this report, I enter comments in italics.
After all this, Dominique asks me to go to a scene in the past, which can be this lifetime or a prior one. I start sharing glimpses of what I perceive: old city, park, grass, curve shape, a shovel, sparks… she is amazingly good reassuring me “we are building something piece by piece, don’t worry about those pieces” — this fact helps a lot because I can deliver one puzzle piece without trying to guess the big picture. She says, put yourself in the scene. So I am there. How old? I am in my 30s. (I rationalize I may be thinking about my years in NY and perhaps Central Park — I dismiss the thought).

Dominique asks questions about me, what I am doing, etc., but I cannot answer them: there is something blocking the view. This is clear and strong and… overpowering. It’s a piece of cloth, with a black and white checkered pattern, like a chessboard where each square’s side is a bit bigger than 1cm; this pattern is blocking any thinking, any seeing. I feel it may be the shirt I am wearing or a flag I am waving. I need to acknowledge it as something important, and I do.

Dominique says: fly upwards, outside of that person, to see the scene from above.
From that point on I acknowledge that man in the third person; in retrospective this moment changed the session.

I am a few meters above. Like five or six. I see a person, a man. I get the impression that he’s a soldier but I don’t recognize the cloths. Those cloths have that black and white pattern which I saw before, when I had guessed it was a shirt or something big covering the picture — no, this is a big part of the pattern of the soldier’s uniform (which is really weird, old — 16th to 19th century, but I don’t recall ever seeing anything like that). If he is in his thirties, he feels more mature than someone in their thirties nowadays, something like “older but with the same age” .

Then I observe again that the man and he is dressed differently; and he may not be in fact in the same park anymore; what catches my eye is that he is covered with huge amounts of clothing, like he is made very bulky on purpose (not abnormal, it feels the like regular “fashion” than any normal man does — in retrospective, a bit like Italians with big glasses, they old look weird to me but to them this is the normal way). Then I see he’s also got a big hat. I keep wishing he had a sword as it would be fitting, but even after trying to “make it up” repeated times, I reluctantly agree that he doesn’t — like he (I) loses coolness.

Dominique asks me how he feels. Happy, I say. What is he doing in there? He waits for someone. Who? A woman (younger) — he has waited for many years for this moment, and it finally came. It is exciting, special. He was excited but it would not show at all, he was a rock — odd for me, the way I am, I would be singing or jumping.

If you go to the past of that situation, what happened? She wasn’t allowed to go with him. Social norms. There is someone who prevented it, a figure of authority over her; not sure if he’s a father, it sounded more like an uncle who’s head of the family (that was just the feeling or I was making it up).

Go back in time when this started. How does he feel? (this would puzzle me!) It was years ago, this is very surprising because even though he is me, he doesn’t think like me, he accepts that things are the way they are supposed to be and he is not frustrated — that lack of frustration I find unexpected, almost illogical, given that this “alter-myself” is supposed to be like myself, but he is not — I am not. It is surprising, like something I could not script or make up and feels like part of the lesson.

What do you guys have in common? (I’d need to think a lot) Externally we both have a beard, even if it’s not exactly alike, internally, we are both proud people, we want to be respected and we don’t want to be embarrassed.

Who is this man? We are the same. Somehow I avoid saying it because it just doesn’t feel accurate, but I do say it in the end, he is me.

Can you draw a parallel between that lifetime and your current lifetime? (what’s in your current lifetime that’s like that lifetime?) I am waiting for my little one to grow up just the same way as he waited for her to be free. It is like I wait to start living until that liberating event takes place.

The most meaningful event took place at this point.
At this moment an emotion owns me, from inside. It does not come as a consequence of any thought. It is weird, visceral. I weep softly, then I cry like a baby who lost the pacifier. I would cry for the remaining of the session and at least 30 extra minutes afterwards. It was partly a happy emotion that came with an “Eureka” feeling, partly I was glad that it was happening, and partly it was like taking the lid off a pressure cooker. It felt great.

Last, once asked, I acknowledge that this woman in the past is the same as my little one. It is something felt, not a DNA-test kind of conclusion.

The session ended with a brief debriefing.

I think about it now, 1 hour later, and it feels like I received the lesson I should learn, that I may be unconsciously falling into a trap by associating the trauma created by my daughter’s illness with that lifetime, then applying that same medicine of waiting, since back then it took patience but it was smooth and successful — then I would be denying myself “really living” until she reaches independence, until she is free. This may be why I always say that something broke inside of me when my little one was sick and I lost a lot of the will I used to have to have fun, to live.
If that speculation is correct, the trauma I lived during her first two years, when she was so sick, catalysed a home made remedy of adopting that pattern.
More analysis, this is all completely unexpected, the era (not ancient Rome!), the story, the feeling… this feels as plotted, not random, as validation. This is not only the insight I need to have, but the one I could not anticipate. For a left brainy person like me who analyses all futures as if life was a chess game, this “unanticipated play” is a big deal. The strange feeling is that this was planned, the message was the one I need to hear. I will now go and google-research old uniforms…".

Prep 2 (July 7 2014)

"The session starts.
We debrief a bit after the latest session. I have felt happier in fact.

Dominique brings me directly to the relaxation. But today we had a technically awful session, which has kept me somewhat tense all the time. Voice sounded choppy on Skype at times and sometimes I had to guess what was said.
I go into a trance same as last time. I feel like I am floating. Same.
Dominique says, what are your impressions? Give me anything that comes to you.
Five seconds.
Ten seconds.
Black. I see black. Only that. (I was quite surprised that there was no “monkey chatter”, just black and silence).
This lasted for quite a while. I was thinking that this session would be a failure and Dominique would say, well, let’s terminate the session, today you’re not in the mood. But I am grateful to her on how she handled me while trying to help me see through this deep fog.
She says, give me more impressions as they come to you. We have black… Then after a while I see a pattern. As if I was looking at a wall with something etched, like Egyptian hieroglyphs (but it didn’t feel it was exactly that); it could also be the pattern in the bark of a very big tree.
Then I see a person. Just a flash. The person looks like Aladdin, but not a cartoon, like in that old movie The Thief of Bagdad. With a turban, with this kind of vest and pants (not so big as in the movie). And I have the feeling that this person can climb like nobody I have ever seen. It is really amazing.
At first my mind tells me it’s a ladder but I see it’s not, it can be climbing a huge tree? Can it be rather… it feels like an Egyptian pyramid, like climbing from inside of those walls, but a wall inclined, not vertical. I tell Dominique that I feel like I have superpowers, it is so exhilarating! I climb and climb and it feels I run like a cheetah.
I feel a physical sensation in my chest. There is no doubt that I am connecting to the scene through my chest (heart energy chakra, I’d say), which guides me and tells me what is the truth and what is being made up.
Clearly, that old me can climb, woohoo!
I also tell Dominique that I feel so extremely happy because I know that just by being there I won the prize, the reward, like I broke free from some slavery or oppression. It is very very odd and it doesn’t make sense (it would later), that I am running away from something but not afraid of what’s behind, it feels like I am leaving behind a dead scene and nobody can take me back to that jail, and that I am not so happy either because of where I may be going, which I really don’t know. I am just thrilled with those climbing superpowers! I am talking to Dominique and my breathing is so fast that it is a very clear physical reaction that I don’t know where it comes from.
I suddenly said: Freedom. That’s it! Joyful freedom!” Too intense. Something I cannot comprehend, it’s never so intense.
In my mind, I was guessing I was escaping from a pyramid, a left-brain thought that I quickly dismissed.
Dominique says, go back at the count of three and tell me where this person is coming from, he is climbing… away from what? One, two, three…
What I got was surprising, two images flashed quickly, one is a bed but it goes away fast, then it’s a sarcophagus — like what you find in a museum when you go see mummies, Tutankhamun etc.
Again, I rationalize to myself…I must have escaped from a tomb. Perhaps ancient slaves were rewarded if they escaped from the pharaoh’s tomb. Ah shut up, you left-brainiac…
Dominique takes me back again, inside of the moments after my escape. I don’t like it, I don’t want to go because it feels like the end of recess and back to class, but well, I trust her.
Then I feel the same darkness again. But it gets worse, now my chest is so connected with the scene, I start breathing heavily, my chest starts weighing a ton, I continue to touch with my hands to get away, I feel like I am escaping from that sarcophagus… I discover how I escaped, I found something with my hands, odd, as if I could get out through a crack without breaking that sarcophagus, like I pull and push myself and I am out.
I hesitate a lot because what comes to me doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to tell Dominique. I don’t. It’s weird and crazy… but I do. Dominique, this doesn’t make sense, I get a feeling that… I just died?
All of a sudden my body starts breathing fast and I get a surge of energy from inside (which, one hour later, I still have), I breath fast, happy, I would want to go to dance now. YES, OH YES, IN FACT I JUST DIED!!
So I was feeling what it means to be free. I died once, and it was not a pyramid but may have been that Aladdin-ish guy, whom I see again and I see he’s got brown skin by the way… this message shows me what being free is. I was so free.
And it all makes sense now. It is clear. This is why the reward was being there and experience those superpowers. This is why there was no fear behind. Just pure joy. I actually cried a little during the session, the emotion was too powerful.
Dominique tries to take me back before, know something of who that person is, but we soon abort. Who cares about the person that was? Oddly enough, in that state of mind, I couldn’t care less. Today it was about “the climbing”.
The session came to a close. We would discuss what happened. Why to me the need for freedom is a constant in my life. Like I feel like a slave just for having to go to work, that having a family depending on me feels like being chained, yet those are chains which I actually love. And OK, I feel like this makes me a bit of a contradictory mess.
The most powerful realization came after the session: what I got was not an invitation to suicide (look how great if you die in 5 min), but exactly the opposite. This moment lives with me. I am free, it is not that I was free at that moment in the past. The moment is part of me and that freedom exists and cannot be taken away by anyone or anything. It’s like time doesn’t really exist or doesn’t matter. In the meantime, I need to see my current experiences in my life gifts, everything is a gift. Even chains are gifts. We should all be so happy, so freaking happy about this life. Because even if it ever feels like a horror movie, all movies come to an end and afterwards you have that freedom, those climbing superpowers that make your chest so big and your heart so happy.
This writing looks obviously like what someone on an LSD high would write, but I feel this is important to keep uncensored, because today I learned a new dimension, purely gut driven, a physical/emotional connection with some inner truth that leaves the left brain so behind and outdated… so tonight we can say, screw the left brain and let’s enjoy that impressively powerful climbing".

Anonymous, 46, Switzerland,


Chelsea was afraid to go back to her lifetime on the battlefield. After several months of building up her internal strength and overcoming her fears she was finally willing to take a chance and look at it.

The door I encountered was again the rough granite door, but this time it had a thin iron handle and opened inward. I stepped into this life and was wearing tall black rubbery leather (but very tight) boots that went almost to my knees. I had on very dirty white pants (basically brown with dirt), a white or dirty white shirt, and a blue coat with big brass buttons and gold tasseled shoulder decorations. I was tall and had medium brown wavy hair. I had a triangular-shaped hat. The year was approximately 1748 or 1749. My name started with an N, and was something similar to Nordyke. As for location, I wasn’t entirely sure, but I was looking at a map of Europe and knew that I was to the right of Spain and directly below the United Kingdom – in the general area of France.

I was sitting on my horse, looking down into a valley where there was a horrible battle going on. The enemy was swarming into the valley from over a hill behind them, and descending upon my dwindling regiment. I felt like the last of this regiment were not ordinary soldiers – some were other officers that were forced by circumstance to fight in the frontlines. A few of them, about three or four of them, were good friends of mine. We identified earlier that at least two of them are now in my current life (one is now my sister and the other a close friend). I was here because this was an important battle and the captain that had previously been in charge here had made some very poor decisions. I was the top in command, a general or equivalent, and decided to come here to rectify the situation personally because it was such a pivotal battle in the war. I was very good at what I did (others regarded me as a genius in my field, and apparently I did as well) and I felt that the only way the situation would be corrected properly was to do it myself.

I was sitting atop my horse and surveying the valley where the battle was going on, desperately trying to find a way to fix the situation. I was angry because there weren’t nearly enough men available here, and I needed more men at our post to go out to the countryside behind us and try to rally up some local militiamen. I was supposed to have a few assistants, captains and colonels at my side at all times to carry out my orders, but there were none available. We were vastly outnumbered and I certainly couldn’t abandon my post to ride out in the countryside myself. I knew at that point that we were going to lose the war, but I couldn’t allow those thoughts to overtake me, and most importantly, couldn’t allow my men to see my fear. I couldn’t risk losing my authority by succumbing to fear, or risk instilling more fear in these men. Suddenly, the enemy rolled a line of large cannons over the opposite hill from where they were advancing, and began firing. The range was unusually long, and reached across the valley to our post on the opposite hill. Our main post was under attack. I rode back across the hilltop overlooking the valley toward our command post, basically abandoning my regiment. When I got there, the remaining men were scattering off into the woods and countryside. They were simply cooks and attendants, but still sorely needed at this time. I rode amongst them shouting, commanding them to return to their posts and calling them all idiots and fools as they continued to run. There was nothing I could do now to maintain the integrity of our post, with the last of my force running off into the wilderness. Now I too was in danger of being maimed by a cannonball, and rode quickly back to my previous station above the valley. When I got there, I was shocked to see the vast majority of my regiment was dead.

A small group of about 7 or 8 was still holding strong, but they were outnumbered and surrounded. As they were killed, one by one, it was done slowly and torturously. The moment was particularly painful for me because I was witnessing the brutal slaughter and torture of some very good friends of mine, as well as the end of the war. I knew I would most likely suffer a similar fate, although I could not simply abandon them in hope of escaping. I was furious at myself for abandoning them in the first place to attend to the post as it was demolished. I felt like a failure to my friends and my country, and I never forgave myself for that. If only I had stayed nearby, perhaps I could have found an alternative at least to my friends’ torture and death. I was later captured and imprisoned, although not put to death. I was released from prison a few years later for some reason, and spent the rest of my life alone thinking about what I had done.
At this point, I was offered the choice to go back in that lifetime and handle the same situation differently based on the newly acquired information. So decided to go back to the time when I initially heard about the problem with this regiment and its captain’s inadequacies, and when I began making plans to travel there. Instead of just gathering what I personally needed, I decided to set aside my pride and ask for some assistance. I had two other captains and their regiments join me, and three other regiments post themselves on the way and within no more than half a day’s ride. We had adequate numbers and were able to put up a wonderful resistance. By the end of the first day, we had overwhelmed them and they began to retreat. I knew that the second day would bring our victory. I felt a tremendous feeling of strength and success, and knew that I had made the right decision.

Dominique then asked if I, as Nordyke, would like to impart some advice to Chelsea and her current life and situation in 2005, which I was happy to do. I told Chelsea that I had learned that a great leader is not simply one who is good at what he or she does, but one that is able to honestly assess his weaknesses along with his strengths. In making any decision, it is important to first pinpoint one’s weaknesses, and sincerely evaluate the potential for failure due to these weaknesses. In my circumstance, I was able to pinpoint my pride as being a probable negative influence to my success. Therefore, I remedied the situation by consciously putting my pride aside and asking for assistance. The second most important thing to keep in mind when making any leadership decision is ensuring that your choice is for the benefit of all, not simply yourself or a small group of people. To ensure the success of all is to ensure the success of humankind. Dominique then asked me to give Chelsea something to remember my words by. I chose to give her my hat. She was very pleased.

After the regression, we discussed that by knowing that I have this wisdom available to me at any time frees me up from constantly needing to prove that I am a good leader. I know in many ways, very similarly, that I am good at what I do, but there’s no need to continually prove it to others all the time. I can simply allow that part of me to come out gently as needed. We also discussed my tendency to hide my emotions. I said that I rarely have a problem expressing anger, but I don’t like to feel vulnerable and show other emotions, such as sadness or hurt feelings. This is similar to Nordyke’s need to constantly project an emotionless, strong authority figure. I don’t have that same need or image to keep up, so I need to practice allowing my emotions to come out (at appropriate times, of course) rather than stuffing them away. Once I am to do this, it frees me up to be normal and human.”

Chelsea, Seattle


For some time now Don has been using past-life therapy as a way to explore different aspects of his personality and be more in touch with who and what he really is. He originally came to my office to address an addictive behavior. From feeling unsettled professionally as a lawyer to being obsessed with problem-solving, Don wanted to deal with his compulsive nature and find his true life purpose.

Each lifetime he revisited gave him a better understanding of his compulsive nature and where it was coming from; it also helped him release physical pain and emotional tension in his body. But most important, each life time he revisited was an opportunity for him to look at his existence from a higher perspective and heighten his awareness so as to gain clarity on the lessons his soul came here to learn. As a result of his inner exploration Don?s life became more manageable, and his self more authentically aligned with his life path.

This article is the result of an interview I conducted with Don on his past-life therapy and how it has helped him improve the quality of his everyday life. At the time of the interview Don had already recovered many pieces of his life puzzle through regression therapy. As an experiment, I suggested that he go back to a life time that would be significant to him. In his regression, Don is made aware of his habit of ?anticipation? which shed some additional light on his compulsive nature. He also gets insights on his path.

Dr.G.: Where are you?
Don: I am walking. The sky is changing from red to purple. There is a sunset over the horizon.
Dr.G.: What are you wearing?
Don: I have brown leather sandals, leggings, a form of green trousers and a poncho. I have black hair down my shoulders
Dr.G.: Are you male or female?
Don: Male. Dr.G.: How old are you? Don: I am 23
Dr.G.: What is your name?
Don: Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud
Dr.G.: Where do you live?
Don: I live in what is now known as Arizona territory.
Dr.G.: Describe where you are
Don: I am on a rocky butte, above the village. I walked up from the valley to look around and be alone. It?s hard rock. The earth is baked. I am walking on a trail that has been long walked by animals and people.
Dr.G.: What you are doing there?
Don: I am here to ask for guidance on whether or not to take a journey. There comes a time when everyone in the tribe has to determine what their path is. Many have visions that describe their life path, but others are not as sensitive and seek experiences that will open them up...to get a flash of insight, a vision of an animal, a path or calling, or a feeling of calmness to tell them that they are fine wherever they are.
Dr.G.: What about you?
Don: I am wandering. When you wander you take uncertain steps...just one step following the other. You are ready to jump but can?t because you don?t know where to jump.?
Dr.G.: How long have you been feeling this way? Don: For about 6 years. Dr.G.: At what age does one usually get their insights?
Don: Oh, between 18 and 20. It?s late for me...
Dr.G.: What?s happening now?
Don: I am walking up the mountain. I am apprehensive. I am waiting for something to happen, waiting for a sign of some kind. I am walking carefully, trying to watch and listen to everything at once. The edge of the plateau is now crumbling away. I slip off the side of the trail. I can?t hold on to anything. I scream. I try to hold on to the rock. I hit a ledge with my hip. I fall to the ground. All I can feel now is this intense pain in my leg and lower back. I ask him now to look at himself from 5 feet away. From this position he can review the incident objectively, get a true understanding of the situation, and receive direct insights from his Higher Mind about what has happened and why.
Dr.G.: Where is Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud?
Don: He is lying face down on the side of the ledge. His body is all scraped and twisted. He is barely conscious, his mind half working.
Dr.G.: What happened?
Don: Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud was looking for a sign, not paying attention...trying to anticipate a sign and a message. He was not paying attention to the possibility of missing his step on the narrow path. He walked it many times but he was not anticipating that there would be a loose rock he?d step on and that would send him off the cliff...too busy anticipating the sign, and not paying attention to where he was in the here and now. I suggest that Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud go to another life time related to this particular incident. He goes back to 480 AD in Canada. He is Stalking Wolverine a Native Indian who, along with 5 other warriors, is about to ambush another party in the woods. He is walking very quietly, careful not to make any noise. He slips. The noise alerts the enemy. His party gets outnumbered and quickly defeated. Stalking Wolverine is shot in the lower back with an arrow and falls, face down. One opponent approaches him, scalps him alive and slits his throat. He dies instantaneously.
Dr.G.: What is the common thread between these 2 past-lives?
Don: Trying to anticipate and not being present. Both Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud and Stalking Wolverine needed to be present to their immediate environment and sensitive to the forest, the ground, the trees, the rocks. Instead of being in the moment, they were anticipating and apprehensive. By anticipating, they lost their awareness and concentration and made a mistake.
Dr.G.: How does this relate to Don in 2003?
Don: Don is repeating the same problem of anticipating. It?s strange because there is no need for him to walk carefully or think carefully, or try to be on the alert at this time. Yet...it?s almost a compulsive reaction. He is constantly paying attention to what is going to happen or what might happen, trying to avoid the mistake rather than staying present.

It is clear now that Don's pattern is a carried-over from other life times. Since Don sees and understands this specific pattern now I send him back to Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud and instruct him to re-experience the same situation. This time, however I suggest that he change the way he deals with the ?anticipation? factor. I suggest that he re-write the script of the incident so as to include a positive outcome based on the newly-found wisdom instead of his conditioned response from the past. This is an important element of the transpersonal approach I take in therapy. The client has to find his own way of resolving a situation by listening to his own inner voice rather than being guided by some external source. Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud choose to re-experience his time on the mountain with full awareness of his immediate environment. He feels the warmth of the sun, and the warmth of the rock under him. He hears the wind and pays attention to all the slight smells around him. He is present and feels part of everything.

I ask him next to pay attention to the guidance he is receiving right now.
Don: The sun is my source of guidance. It' telling me that change is now, not in the future...there are no mistakes now or in the future, there are simply changes now. The path will unfold. You can either walk gingerly or firmly on the path; it?s your choice for the path will remain the same. Trying to anticipate or to avoid making a mistake is an illusion. There is no need to be hesitant or apprehensive. Simply be present and walk the path. Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud speaks softly and with poise. His body is relaxed. Serenity is all around him. I know that he is now in the moment. The healing has taken place. I ask him to move forward in time to the next morning when he goes down to the valley.
Don: I feel good! I am walking down the path firmly with contentment ready to do whatever is presented to me! When you feel that...oh my goodness, this is confidence!!! It's time for me to bring Don?s consciousness back to the present. He is happy and excited about this feeling of confidence and sense of purpose he experienced through Sun-Bursting-out-of-a-Cloud. He also notices the connection with his Indian name and his source of guidance which, in that life time, was the sun.

After he is through commenting on his experience I ask him to check his lower back since he had complained several times to me about the chronic pain in this part of his body. I suspected that some physical healing may have occurred. Because of the past-lives he had re-visited and the understanding he got, his body could finally relax and let go of the tension. To his great surprise the lower back pain was not as intense as it had been.
Dr.G.: How are you going to use this past-life experience in your life?
Don: Well, if I feel the anxiety about where I am going I can stop or make a little mental note that the sun is still there. So that way I pull back my awareness from anticipating things and that should release my sense of struggle.
Dr.G.: Are you beginning to see how you can mentally affect your outer world?
Don: Yes. I have this feeling that if I stop identifying with my struggles and stop looking ahead and anticipating struggles, they may not show up anymore. Which is the whole point!

Using past-life exploration as a therapy and a self-awareness tool has enabled Don to find his own answers and get an understanding of his compulsive behavior in his own terms. The words of wisdom he got while under regression and the resolution on how to handle his pattern in a practical way came directly from his Higher Self instead of an external source. While re-visiting these 2 past-lives, Don was able to experience first-hand his pattern of ?anticipation?, as well as feel the emotions related to it. This objective perspective made him aware of all kinds of compulsive behaviors such as getting up in the morning and running directly to the computer, or drinking cokes in excess to keep his energy up. In past-life therapy, going back to the root cause of problem is essential for the successful healing of a symptom.

In Don's case there are still more past-lives to tap into until he gets to the real source of his compulsive nature. In the meantime though it is essential for him to apply himself to staying in the present, and manage his compulsive nature until eventually it will cease to be an issue.

Don, Seattle


"Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Past-Lives Therapy go beyond the personal level to address and heal any unwanted life pattern, emotional behavior, physical challenge, or current habit. It is a form of hypnotherapy that recognizes the soul-mind, the nonphysical part of you, as playing an intricate part in the therapeutic process, and uses the client's inner wisdom to go to the root cause of a current condition and direct the healing. Depending on the case, the hypnotic process involved in transpersonal hypnotherapy will take you back to life situations in either this life and/or other lifetimes. Unresolved issues from previous lifetimes often have a direct effect on your present one; those issues are usually related to the learning of soul lessons that keep reemerging lifetime after lifetime until mastered. Examining the karmic patterns of present and past lives makes it possible to trace a recurring condition or trauma like physical pain, difficult relationships, money problems, and depression in order to understand the connection a certain lifetime has with the current issue. The healing process is initiated once this connection has been established.

Jason's Case Let me illustrate how transpersonal hypnotherapy and past-life regression have helped a client of mine 1) understand and change a physical condition he had for a long time 2) do some soul learning Some time ago Jason (not his real name), 51, a former officer in the Marines, came to see me to address his excessive perspiration. Quite naturally, Jason thought that this was a residue of his childhood and his constant fear of his stepfather, an alcoholic man who used to beat him regularly, as well as his Vietnam combat experiences. I offered Jason the option of examining the situation under hypnosis so that he could tap into the source of his excessive perspiration and eliminate it. When I first talked to him about hypnotherapy and past-life therapy, he was very skeptical. He insisted on telling me that he knew exactly where the problem was coming from, but he eventually decided to give it a try.

When we began the regression, he had no idea that what he was to discover would shift his entire perception of the problem, or that it would lead him to get in touch with one of his soul lessons. As soon as Jason was under hypnosis, he regressed back to age eight in this lifetime. He found himself standing on a metal bridge, unable to move, afraid of falling in the water, his feet and hands sweating. His stepfather hadn't come to pick him up at school that day, and he?d had to walk back home alone. He was upset at his stepfather and blamed him for having to cross the dangerous bridge all by himself. At that point, Jason regressed back to being a fetus in his current mother's womb. He described the environment as being "warm, wet, and slippery." This experience was very emotional for him, and very comforting too. I suggested that Jason (still under hypnosis) get in touch with his higher self, the part of him that has all the answers, can transcend space and time, and know past, present, and future. From the perspective of his wise self, Jason was able to instantaneously get an understanding of his excessive perspiration. Without hesitation, he related to me that at times of stress his body would automatically perspire so as to reconnect with the wet, warm, and slippery feeling once present in the womb of his mother. The wetness of his excessive perspiration was for him a physical link to his mother's womb, a place where he felt safe. Contrary to what Jason initially thought, his excessive perspiration during times of stress was not the fear or anxiety triggered by his stepfather's violence or by some painful memories from Vietnam, but his essential need to reconnect with his mother's wet womb in order to feel safe! Jason was quite surprised and deeply touched by this newly found information. This immediately brought peace to him. It allowed him to see his excessive perspiration as being connected to his mother, whom he dearly loved, and not to his stepfather, whom he deeply hated. This began the healing. However, this was not the end of it.

During the same session, Jason went back to a past life. He was Gerard, a young boy in France. His parents and he were being kidnapped. The scene he relived was one of his kidnappers throwing him out of a car, leaving him injured, scared, and alone in the middle of a forest while his parents were taken away. He eventually died in the forest. In that lifetime, he blamed his parents for abandoning him. Each time Jason regressed back into the past (in this lifetime on the bridge, as Gerard in the forest, and later on in other past lives), he had an opportunity to see one of his present and past karmic patterns: his tendency to blame others during difficult times. Because his soul was trying to learn not to blame others, it kept choosing over and over difficult lives, such as the ones we explored during the regression, for the purpose of healing and soul learning. Although at a human level there was no justification or excuse for the stepfather's abusive behavior, for example, the fact remains that Jason needed to face his soul lesson. If not, he would probably continue to attract or find himself involved in similar negative situations, which eventually would force him to learn his lesson.

After the second regression (the first one being hindered by his disbelief and left-brain interference), Jason's perspiration decreased due to his new understanding and to the reframing of the trauma under hypnosis, which in turn changed the energy. It was quite a relief for Jason. Although significantly reduced, the excessive perspiration didn't fully disappear, reminding Jason that there was still work to do. Further regressions were necessary in order to get to the original root cause of the excessive perspiration as well as to resolve Jason's need for an external sense of security. The excessive perspiration disappeared for good as he began to get in touch with his true self and manage his soul lesson better.

Know Thyself, Heal Thyself
Looking back now, it certainly appears as though Jason was unknowingly ready for this experience, even if he was critical of hypnotherapy and past-life regression to begin with. Whether Jason believed in past lives or not didn't matter. What mattered is that his excessive perspiration decreased and the connection between his physical condition (excessive perspiration) and his emotional need (to feel safe) was being brought to his consciousness. More importantly, his thinking changed, enabling him to live a more conscious and fulfilling life.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is not a fix, but a proven tool enabling anyone to look for deeper insights about traumas, conflicts, or soul lessons so as to release old behaviors that have created emotional pain, confusion, or physical discomfort, as in Jason's case. Rather than treating symptoms, it provides opportunities to find the original source of a problem and rebalance one's life accordingly. As in any holistic or body/mind/spirit approaches, the healing comes from within the individual and requires him or her to actively participate in the process. It works better for those willing to take responsibility for their own healing and apply themselves to it.

Understanding your major challenges or life lessons enables you to gain awareness and clarity about yourself. The more quickly you address them, the sooner you will enjoy your life and your relationships with others, and the more profound and meaningful your existence will be. Knowing yourself, getting to the root cause of a recurring condition, finding out your soul's reasons for incarnating in a particular life, and living and growing in accordance with your soul's purpose is what's behind a transpersonal approach."

(article published in New Times magazine, Seattle, WA, 2002)