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Spiritual Ascension & Oneness

 “Spiritual Ascension is about raising one’s vibration to its highest and ultimate level, the Consciousness of Oneness.”

“When you are awake the dream is gone…
When you are Enlightened the ‘world of illusion’ is gone…
…and the TRUTH will make you FREE.”
— Barefoot

Communicating with the Inner

Nowadays we are seeing an increasing number of people affected by neurological disorders and/or feeling overwhelmed, lost, dizzy, confused or angry. The energetic shift going on right now on the planet is forcing all of us to move into the fourth dimension. Because of the energetic shift taking place on earth, speed has accelerated. Unfortunately human beings still have a very dense body and a very dense thinking system which prevent the human brain from aligning with the new and faster energy. Unless individuals learn how to increase the speed of their vibration we will see more and more individuals having nervous breakdowns or not able to use their mental functions adequately.

The technique I am using to address this energetic shift has been specifically designed by the Master Teachers and Healers of the Inner World to raise individuals’ vibration in order to match theirs. By raising their vibrational resonance individuals can directly communicate and work with Master Teachers and Healers so as to get healing and guidance in present tense, and without any danger of mental disturbances.

Opening of the Heart Program

Once you complete the Soul Regression Therapy Program, more advanced regression techniques are available. This will allow you to continue clearing old karma and refine your energy so as to vibrate at a higher and more compassionate level.
These sessions will focus on:

      • Addressing some of your resistance with regard to integrating your divine potential
      • Clean your chakras and bring them to “shine like a sun”
      • Go back up to 7 generations to clean up karmic residues from your family lineage
      • Explore and re-awaken your spiritual talents and gifts in order to positively express who you are

Pre-requisite: The Soul Regression Therapy Program

Be your Own Inner Master  Program

The program Be You Own Inner Master has been specifically designed to deepening the understanding of your soul purpose and spiritual path. It focuses on questions like: What is my spiritual path? What are my beliefs? What challenges do I have to overcome to stay on spiritual purpose? Why does my soul want to go through such challenges? What are my resistances? What are my strengths? What solutions and/or life directions do I need to take to be in agreement with my spiritual path and mission? How can I be of service? How do I find peace of mind and inner joy in the middle of chaos?

Through this program you will create your own spiritual map in relation to your soul evolutionary demands and you will be coached and challenged to live it. The main focus of this program is to learn how to reach this state of Being-ness and acceptance of what is and to bring yourself to a level of inner peace and joy despite all your challenges, soul lessons and the reality of the external world.

Pre-requisite: Opening the heart Program

Programs for Beginning & Intermediate Levels

  • Intuitive Mastery (level I and II):

week-end workshop

  • Transformation

week-end workshop

  • Silence, the way of the mystic

week-end workshop


“I have been searching for answers outside of myself ever since I first picked up the Bible as a fundamentalist Christian child. I have read at least one book for every week of my life in a never ending search for the “right” answers and the “right” set of beliefs to guide my life by. The result has been an endless cycle of finding the answers that I thought were right only to discover that they were subject to doubt and that the “right” set of beliefs always had flaws and conflicts with reality. After long years of continuing frustration and discouragement, one of Dominique’s lectures made me acutely aware of the need for me to create my own spirituality based on answers I discovered from within, not outside of, myself.

The problem was that I knew I would doubt the answers from within as much as I doubted the answers from outside myself and I had no guidelines for the inward journey. Dominique has provided me the way to discover the source of my answers from within and to identify why they are truly the answers I am searching for in creating my own spirituality. These answers from within provide me with a map towards a life free of the desperate need to have the “right” set of beliefs and the perfectly correct philosophy of life. The relief this provides for me is better then any other current “stress-reliever” I can find in the world today and I highly recommend you trying creating your own inward spirituality with Dominique’s gentle but thoroughly professional help sometime soon, if you too are seeking relief.”
Larry Bottimer, Attorney at Law, Seattle, Washington.

 “I’ve worked with Dominique for the last three months and I feel like a completely different person. When I started working with Dominique, I was on the brink of suicide. I was so angry and caught up in my own self-hatred that I’d lost complete perspective of who I really was, and the power I had to take responsibility for my life. I’d just been fired from my last job, was very close to becoming homeless for the first time in my life and felt absolutely no love or possibility for happiness. After working with Dominique for 3.5 weeks, not only did I get a new job starting a new career, but I had four offers based on intentions that I’d explored with Dominique on my most immediate needs. In the next eight weeks, I’ve learned the skills necessary to begin healing my own self-hatred, and in the context of working with the stress and responsibility of learning a totally new career and setting realistic boundaries with all kinds people concerning who I am and what I need. For the first time in my life, I’m accepting all of who I really m, taking full responsibility for my actions, and more importantly, grieving and loving myself with the kind of healthy dignity to become whole. Dominique has helped me to understand that I have the power to shape my own destiny, and I have the skills and strength to overcome any obstacle or set back. She’s the real deal!
Gene Bridges, 50. Seattle, WA.