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The Soul Evolutionary Journey

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”– Teilhard de Chardin

Spiritual Consciousness 

When we come to recognize that our true essence is not the same as our body and personality, and that our life matters beyond the lifetime of that particular body and personality, we have entered “spiritual consciousness”. Within that consciousness the intention of life becomes less focused on the avoidance of pain or the acquisition of pleasures or material goods, and more on the enduring and lasting nature of who we truly are.

Soul Purpose

When we enter the level of spiritual consciousness, finding more about our spiritual nature and our purpose becomes a driving force. If we haven’t yet tackled or figured out that question we may feel lost with no directions. We may feel that our life doesn’t have any real meaning and may not know what to do about it. The more we inquire about our soul evolutionary purpose and embrace our spiritual nature, the more our life becomes the vessel of our soul’s expression, and the more we can bring about the life we were truly meant to live.


Each lifetime we have on earth is an opportunity for the soul to evolve, and to evolve Source-energy. We come back until we have learned all that which we came here to learn. Earth is like a school where we come to learn our lessons and to mature our soul. On this journey back home, as we strive to attain more wisdom and enlightenment, we keep incarnating until our soul has finally exhausted all separating desires, and the only desire left is the desire to return to Source.

Death & Transition

Understanding and demystifying the cycles of life and death on earth is important when doing consciousness work. Birth is a natural process and so is death. As we open up the channel between our human self and the spiritual world we come to realize that death and birth are just a passage and a change of form. Both of them requires a time of preparation. As we have to prepare ourselves prior to incarnating on earth, we also must prepare ourselves prior to leaving our body and returning to Source.

Soul Lessons & Soul Evolution

Our Soul is not perfect, but is in a constant process of perfecting itself. It evolves via facing its own limitations. Most of the time (unless we have done a conscious effort to access it) we are not conscious of our soul intention, therefore we can’t understand why certain experiences keep re-occurring in our lives.

We are made aware of our soul’s limitations by the way of inner and/or outer confrontations relative to the lessons the soul is trying to learn. Some of those experiences can be very painful, traumatic and damaging. Those confrontations force the soul to look at its own fears and resistance to change old patterns that are not anymore in alignment with its evolutionary progression. The intensity of those inner or outer confrontations usually reflect the degree of resistance of the soul to make the necessary changes.

Until the soul is willing to ask why is this happening, face its lessons and release all the related karmic residues, it will, lifetime after lifetime come back and experience the same kind of trauma, blockage, or people, most likely ending up feeling stuck, lost, angry, hurt, helpless, or sometimes desperate.

Facing those lessons and releasing the karmic residues accumulated in previous lifetimes is the best way to end up the recycling of those issues.

Soul-mind vs. left-brain

Although our left-brain is a very important function of our psyche, it is limited and can sabotage or distort the perspectives or insights our soul is constantly trying to transmit to us. We can be easily misled into believing what the left-brain has to say rather than listening to our heart and soul. Only the soul aspect within us knows Truth, while the left-brain only knows that which it has been conditioned to believe in. Therefore we cannot trust our left-brain to know the truth of anything since it only knows what we have told it to be true.

In spiritual work, we train the left-brain to communicate and work together in harmony with the soul-mind. As we regularly practice bringing soul guidance into our awareness, the left-brain gets impregnated with a higher awareness, which modifies in turn our belief system, and affects our thoughts and choices in life. This is very important to understand when we work on our soul evolutionary journey, and are working on our soul lessons.

Can anyone recollect past-lives and soul memories?

Yes anyone can. However there are instances where there is some resistance…

For example if someone has a very active mental, we may have to dedicate some time and energy into finding out why their mind is so busy, and what needs to be understood or released before they can truly access inner guidance and soul memories. This resistance could be a lack of trust, a fear of losing control,  a suspicious mind, or a strong belief system interfering…

Having a mental orientation is not the problem. It is how we use our mind that is problematic. Are we using it in a distorted way or in a positive way? Once we get in touch with this aspect of us, and adjust our current body/personality accordingly, we will be able to go back to past experiences or soul memories and understand what the soul is trying to learn via that that specific personality.

If our soul lesson is to work on expanding our mind and welcoming new thoughts, new beliefs, new ideas, but are still attached to our current viewpoints and resist accepting or trusting the soul messages we receive, we will have to find out what in our past makes us so attached to our own ways before we are ready to listen to our inner wisdom.

In either case Soul Regression, Evolutionary Astrology and Spiritual Ascension work do wonders to address, understand and overcome those challenges.

Divine Inner Guidance

As Teilhard de Chardin said “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”. Source is always with us, and so is guidance. We are never alone. The more we clean whatever is in the way between us and our higher self and the more open we are open to divine inspiration, the more we can actualize the specific purpose we were created for.

“Spirituality is the study & practice of aligning the ego with the soul, and the soul with the Truth.” – Jeff Green

Evolution of Consciousness

We are all on a spiritual path, whether we are aware of it or not. On this continuum, we may be at different levels of evolution or understanding, or we may embrace a different path or belief system, but the aim remains the same for each one of us, which is to open our heart and evolve with and towards something that is greater than us.

More on Evolution of Consciousness

Consciousness: One’s current level of understanding of the Truth.

Truth: The sum of all principles and laws governing life within and beyond the realm of human understanding.

Soul: One’s consciousness incarnated and evolving throughout lifetimes.

Ego: The operating arm of the soul in the current life through which one forms attachments necessary for the evolutionary process. These attachments come to define one’s separate sense of self and identity; through the ego, all of life’s experiences are emotionally processed.

Evolution of consciousness: Increasing the understanding of the Truth.

Karma: The subordination of personal action to divine order. Corrective measures and possibly negative consequences that occur when a person’s actions are misaligned to divine order. Conversely, positive circumstances that result from aligned actions. The law of cause and effect that is in force through one’s incarnations.

Dharma: The fulfillment of one’s destiny by living in the Truth that results in one’s contribution to existence. Living one’s Dharma enhances the essence of love.

Spirituality: The study and practice of aligning the ego with the soul and the soul with the Truth. – Jeff Wolf Green.

We all have our own unique path

Whether we like it or not each one of us has “signed up” for a specific set of soul lessons prior to incarnating! The way we deal with our lessons depends on who we are and the choices we are making.

There is no “one” formula that fits all. Our path is unique, and it is up to us to find the key that opens “our” door.

Within an evolutionary perspective, our human body and personality were specifically selected prior to incarnating to better address our lessons; understanding the human vehicle we have chosen to host our soul while facing all inward and outward obstacles is important.

Spiritual Work, Spiritual Ascension and Sacred Activism

Here are few loose definitions to help you understand the context of my therapeutic approach and the natural philosophy it is based on.

Spiritual work is the gradual alignment of our divine self and our human self while in a human body. It is about cultivating the sacred silence within us while at the same time facing all the challenges of your human life.

Spiritual Ascension is about the attainment of the direct experience of Oneness of Consciousness.

The Oneness: As we clear up our human attachment to the idea that we are all separate, and as we let ourselves merge with that universe and become One, we gradually re-adjust the lense through which we look and experience life and others. When we see and perceive everything around us and within us as One, we are in divine communion with Source, often referred and experienced as bliss. And when our body and inner being resonate on a consistent manner with that Oneness, we have become our own inner master!

Sacred Activism: It is through the Divine Feminine aspect in us that we have access to love, compassion and the desire for peace and justice. It is through the Divine Masculine in us that we take fierce action in the world to bring it about. Sacred Activism as defined by Andrew Harvey is about “the transforming force of wisdom, love and compassion-in-action to affect radical change in the world”.

The illusion of a quick fix

As we face our challenges and inner demons, as we release old memories and karmic residues, we begin to find peace within ourselves. We spend more time into our heart. We develop a sense of gratitude for all that which presents itself to us and see it as an opportunity to get closer to Source.

The approach I am offering is not a panacea, and it is not a quick fix. It’s a process and a path. On this path, each step, big or small counts. At times one may experience amazing or sudden changes or moments of bliss, but not always. Should you be inclined to undertake this journey, an attitude of non-attachment to results and a feeling of gratitude for whatever is experienced or received is recommended.

It takes time and courage to face our downfalls. It takes humility to listen to our inner guidance and follow through. It takes time and effort to ascend spiritually. It requires us to deal with aspects of ourselves we don’t like or haven’t made peace with yet; it requires us to clear anything that stands between us and the next evolutionary level, i.e. our fears, frozen emotions, old wounds, challenging people or outdated beliefs that don’t serve anymore our soul growth. It’s not an easy path, but it is certainly a very rewarding one.

About my services

Hi, I am Dominique Glaub, Ph.D. I am the founder of AWARENESS FOR LIFE. I have been involved in Holistic Healing, Transpersonal Therapy and Soul Evolutionary work for more than 30 years. I have studied and explore Consciousness, Energy and the Mind field within a transpersonal, psycho-spiritual, socio-cultural, and spiritual framework.

I specialize in the soul evolutionary journey, short-term therapies with a focus on Soul Regression Therapy including hypnotherapy, emotional clearing, bodymind and karmic residues release, and ascension work. Over the years I have helped many people explore their soul’s evolutionary path and lessons, and release old karmic residues and wounds, frozen emotions, limiting beliefs and thoughts, and psychic interferences.

As a Soul Regression Therapist, Spiritual Mentor & Coach, and Evolutionary Astrologer I offer my clients different angles to approach and understand their Soul Evolutionary Journey such as Past-lives & Soul Regression Therapy, Emotional Healing, Life-between-lives Regression, Future Regression, Communication with Spirit Guides, Entities Release, Evolutionary Astrology,and Spiritual Ascension work.

I also specialize in Difficult, Karmic and Soulmates Relationships and their Soul-related Contracts.

My dedication is to bring people to a place of Inner Awareness, from where they can live in Truth and in Freedom, and take right action in the world. Where ever they are on their path, and whatever lessons they are dealing with, I help my clients connect with their own inner wisdom, understand their soul purpose, address their soul lessons, release old memories, overcome or dissolve inner and outwards obstacles, get in touch with who they truly are, nurture themselves in a loving way, and proceed further on their soul evolutionary journey.

For more information about my approach to soul regression work, training, professional credentials and experience, please go to About Dr. Glaub page.


Finding Dominique and working with her has been the most profound action I have ever taken in beginning to realize peace in my life…never having undergone therapy before, Dominique was immediately compassionate, patient, kind, non-judgmental, and accepting…

She has positively affected all my relationships. My spouse is extremely pleased that my personal happiness has improved so much since participating in therapy. She has helped me to find my own answers within and has facilitated the realization that problems and conflict in my life can be resolved by shifting my perceptions about each issue. She is a truly skilled guide.

Regression Therapy with Dominique is a voyage of gently directed self-discovery. One of her remarkable qualities is that she is gifted in encouraging you to put forth the effort in healing yourself. Rather than handing over a recipe for resolving difficulties, she tailors your treatment to your needs.

Finding myself at first somewhat wary of hypnotherapy, I have found it to be an extremely insightful tool in understanding my behaviors. Dominique is adept with this technique and I now feel free from all anxiety while taking part in it.

…Anyone who wants to truly understand what motivates their actions will find in Dominique the assistance they have been searching for. I highly recommend her services.”

– Teri Maxwell, 39. Riverside, California.



Click here to schedule a 30-minutes phone interview. Cost $25. Refunded with the purchase of your first session. New client only.


Past-lives Regression/Therapy  

“By going back to significant events, past-lives, between-lives or any other relevant planes, Soul Regression Therapy gives us a chance to understand our lessons and purpose, to explore our shadow, to release karmic residues accumulated over lifetimes, and heal old wounds and traumas.”

Past-lives Regression  

Exploring who and what you were

A past-lives regression will take you to previous lifetimes in order to explore who and what you were in the past. My approach of past-lives recollection is directly tight to soul evolutionary work. By understanding which lives and experiences you soul had chosen to have, you will have a better understanding of what your soul purpose and what it is trying to accomplish.

While going back to the past, the memories may come to you by way of visual impressions or via physical sensations, emotions, sounds, smells, or intuitions. At times, you may return from a past-life with a nostalgic feeling or strongly identify with your past-life character despite profound differences in physical appearance, occupation, sex, race or other life circumstances. You may experience this character as you were in his/her body or you may observe the scene from the outside.

Some people can easily recollect memories from the past, others need a little bit of practice since one has to shift from left-brain to right-brain to access past or unconscious memories. Like any other process, there is a learning curve.

Clearing old karmic residues/wounds

While going back to a past-life experience you may become aware of experience conflicts, preoccupations or undesirable behaviors; those may reflect or relate to actual circumstances or struggles in your current life. Repressed, pent-up or stuck emotions may be released by re-experiencing or witnessing a past stressful situation. As you revisit certain unfinished business and understand them from a higher spiritual perspective, you will gain wisdom and know how to better manage unhealthy behaviors or situations. Once this  material is integrated at a conscious and unconscious level it will produce a feeling of relief and/or of well-being at a mental, emotional and/or physical level. A past-life recall e is always approached with the intention to bring more harmony and balance into your life.

Within the context of soul evolutionary work, past-lives regression sessions aim at:

      • Exploring the themes the soul is working on and tapping into one’s Spirit self
      • Identifying the root-cause underneath a particular suffering or concern and the related spiritual/karmic lesson
      • Cleaning up old karmic residues that are still negatively affecting one’s person and life and opening the heart.
      • Gaining more awareness about who you are in essence

As one gain more perspective the root-cause of a situation, its the related-lesson, and work through some old stuck emotions, the repetition of the situation and its negative effects on the person is likely to decrease or vanish.

A past-lives regression session is 1.5hr long. After your first introductory session, and if you desire so, we will discuss your options and what program fits best your needs should you desire to address a particular issue or concern.

Practice Sessions for Beginners

When the left-brain feels uncertain or threatened, it slows down or blocks the influx of information coming from the right -brain or the spirit world. Hypnosis is a tool enabling a person to relax so as to reach an altered state of consciousness and be more connected to impressions coming from the inner world. A popular belief equates hypnosis with a form of unconscious sleep, but it’s not. On the contrary, under hypnosis the individual’s attention is very keen and his suggestibility very strong. When the left-brain let go of its control the door of the unconscious and the Inner World opens up, and the individual is able to receive information which s/he otherwise wouldn’t have access to on a conscious level. In order to have access to past-lives and between-lives it is therefore essential to minimize the influence of the mental (left hemisphere of the brain) and be at ease with the flux of information coming from the unconscious and inner world via the right hemisphere of the brain.

If at any moment during this process your mental mind is interfering with the recollection of memories, creating doubt or frustration in you, or if your are not able to physically or mentally relax and trust all the impressions coming from your unconscious mind, I would recommend that you do some practice sessions before going any further. During those practice sessions you will be introduced to the hypnotic, relaxation process and being in the present moment. You will also go back to memories in this life and in previous lives, but note thant those sessions are not intended to explore memories in-depth, but to put you at ease with the process of recollecting memories.

For those with a “scientific” or “curious” mind, they may have a difficult time trusting their intuition. In that case, scheduling a Soul Evolutionary Theme and Purpose consultation could be a good and efficient way to first engage the mental mind into accessing information about one’s evolutionary soul journey to put the mind at ease with some useful information, and then proceed with the hypnotic process of recollecting unconscious memories.

Soul Regression Therapy Program (12-session) 

The decisions that our soul made on the other side prior to incarnating in a human body (including the traumas and challenges to be experienced on earth) are no longer available to our conscious mind when we are born. Therefore when we reincarnate we often experience the same traumas, blockages, situations or people without knowing why it is happening to us, and without being able to put an end to our suffering and dilemma.

This program was specifically designed to go to the root cause of an issue or concern and address the related soul lessons within the context of exploring one’s soul evolutionary journey. Throughout each session there is an opportunity to go back to significant lifetimes, release old karmic residues, receive guidance and healing from our spirit guides, and raise our vibration to a higher, more loving and compassionate frequency.

Through understanding, cleaning and dissolving old karmic residues including difficult emotions, old wounds, negatives thoughts and/or unwanted entity or psychic interference still present in one’s energy field today, we become more aligned with our soul evolutionary journey and we raise our soul vibration.

This program is a step-by-step process and offers a structured way to address a specific issue or concern and release any emotional and mental charge around a situation or a person within the context of your soul evolutionary purpose .

On a short-term basis this program will help you:

1) address an issue, a concern, a habit or a soul lesson from a higher perspective
2) release past and present negative emotions, thoughts or beliefs that are still affecting you today
3) heal and forgive
4) uncover meaningful information about your soul evolutionary path
5) better understand who you truly are and what your soul purpose is
6) perfect the art of regressing and traveling in different times and spaces
7) get in contact with your inner guides, spiritual masters/teachers/healers and the inner world
8) open your heart center
9) develop more compassion toward yourself and others
10) align your human self/personality with your soul needs
11) be more authentic and true to your self
12) live a more fulfilling and purposeful life!

On a long-term basis this evolutionary process will prepare you to more fully merge your soul and your human self so as to live a more conscious and balanced life, as well as experience and honor the Oneness in all there is.

The program includes 12 sessions (1.5-hr each, with the exception to the Evaluation session which is 3-hr long). It is a powerful transformative process and a spiritual tool. It must be approached with an open heart and with the highest good of all involved. Advanced sessions are offered upon completion of this program.

All the sessions can be done over the phone, online, or in-person.

Should you want more details on the Soul Regression Therapy Program, please send me an e-mail.

Follow-up Session

If you wish to discuss your Regression Session to better understand it, or need clarification or have questions, you may schedule a half-hour coaching session.

Fees and scheduling a session

* For a Schedule of Fees, Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy and Refund, please go to the Scheduling Sessions and Fees page.


“Regression Therapy has assisted me in gaining further conscious awareness into the reasons behind “why” I have the beliefs that I do. I have better understanding of programs that in the past triggered an almost automatic response, creating the same results. Now I can choose a different response, creating a different result…the result I want.
– Regina Griffin, 36, Owner of the Mad Hacker Salon, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

“What an incredible gift tonight’s session was!  This whole series has led me deeper into an awareness of union with the Divine, shedding the negative energies I have picked up on earth and carried for many lifetimes, coming Home to the place of Light and Love and Oneness, seeing clearly that we are part of a continuum of the Divine, limited by the form we take on earth and yet always radiating Love.  I saw clearly that I chose a sensitive, vulnerable personality that was easily hurt and crushed, that the inner Reality might by released; I felt how strongly I desired to be a channel of that Divine Love and how I was willing to pay any price to let that happen.  I ‘heard’ that there is nothing blocking now, the way is clear, and the Divine knowing can come through easily from now on.  I was guided to stay in the energy of rejoicing, which is a strong energy through which the Divine can more easily manifest.  I feel so much gratitude, to you, to the Divine Guides that have helped me every step of the way and are always with me, and to my Self for drawing me into this way of Truth and Freedom.  I realize that I am always free to make my own choices, and I choose to walk with Love.
What a transformative experience this program was!  Through the twelve Soul Regression Sessions with Dominique, I found myself going deeper into the roots of negative energy and habits that have hindered my living free.  She so gently and skillfully guided me, that the process was easy; answers came from deep within, heaviness and confusion gave way to a new lightness and clarity.  Through her years of study, training and experience, Dominique has developed a profound awareness of the deeper realities of life and the process needed to help others live in the freedom of oneness with the Creator, their true self and others.  I loved the experience of the presence of Jesus and Mary, angels and Spirit-guides pouring their Love and wisdom into me.  This has made a profound difference in my life, and I highly recommend it to all who are seeking to live with more freedom, peace and joy”. 

– Karen Williamson, 75, Sequim, WA

“From a young age I’ve watched the rat race which our culture has become and vowed not to become part of it. But as the decades passed I realized, to my horror, that I was very much wrapped up in the very rat race that I was seeking to avoid, so I just checked out. I didn’t have a very clear idea of how I’d gotten where I was and I was scared to put energy into forward motion without some confidence that I was headed in the right direction this time. So I was stuck in a depressing limbo with a lot of unfinished business from the past behind me and the uncertainty of the future in front of me and life’s busy work piling up all around me. Being suspicious of therapy and therapists, and thinking that I ought to be able to manage my own life, I waited till I was desperate before calling Dominique.

In the very first session Dominique was able to put her finger on my main obstacle. In following sessions she helped me to see that many of my decisions were being made on the basis of other people’s priorities and expectations. This was a real shocker since I’ve always had a strong tendency to question assumptions and reject things that don’t seem right to me and to do things my own way, no matter what other people think. But somehow along the way there were societal values that I absorbed and was treating as Truth when they were just someone else’s idea of how the world should work and what should make people happy and what responsible adults do and do not do.
This sort of problem seems so out of character for me that I guess I was blind to it. We don’t see what we’re not looking for. I don’t know if I would ever have figured it out on my own without Dominique’s objective insight. Now I’m moving forward again and I think I see glimpses of the Path. I expected I would recognize it by the neon signs along it but now I think maybe there aren’t always neon signs; maybe sometimes just a subtle warm glow.
If it weren’t for Dominique, I think I’d still be wandering around anxiously looking for those neon signs. So if you’re stuck and wondering what life is about and why you’re here and you don’t see the answer on a neon sign then give Dominique a call and she’ll give you the guidance you need to point yourself in the right direction. The answers are inside but sometimes you need a little help knowing how to look – they don’t teach this in school.”
– Anonymous, Seattle, WA.

*For more testimonials, please go to the Testimonial tab.

Click here to schedule a 30-minutes phone interview. Cost $25. Refunded with the purchase of your first session. New client only.


Life-Between-Lives Regression

“When tapping into between-lives memories, we can understand why bodies and lives were chosen, including our own present personal, psychological, familial, cultural, physical profile, as well as life plan and related challenges.” 

Life-Between-Lives Regression

This work is based on the research of Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. The Life-Between-Lives regression, also called Spiritual Regression, allows subjects to connect with their soul-self and recover soul memories from the between-lives state. The Life-Between-Lives Regression is a journey into the between-lives where souls station between reincarnations. Life-Between-Lives regression can produce profound and long lasting positive results in your life. This is an opportunity to access your subconscious and soul-state and know on a deeper level what your life purpose is.

During a Life-Between-Lives while connected to our eternal self, we are able to see an entire evolutionary karmic growth pattern while mentally residing in the world between lives that is our true home. We learn why bodies and lives were chosen, including the present personal, psychological, familial, cultural, physical profile, as well as the life plan and related challenges. We explore the fit between the experiences encountered in past and present lives and the lessons they brought. Past and present human lives are seen as but alter-egos of an eternal identity. In this state of heightened perception and understanding, people are able to find the answers to age-old questions such as: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Where do I come from?”

A typical LBL regression
A LBL session usually unfolds in the following manner: with the use of deep trance and special hypnosis techniques, you are led back in time to one of your last lives. You observe your death, and then proceeding to the Spirit world. You experience the healing that occurs in the hereafter, helping you to adjust to being a Spirit. You meet with your Spirit Guide and your Council of Elders. These are extraordinary encounters, as you experience how it feels to be fully and absolutely loved, supported and known as your true self among your soul peers. You meet with your Soul Family, who has been with you throughout countless incarnations. You also have the opportunity to objectively experience how and why you chose some of your current life’s circumstances, and ask for guidance ad directions. Prior to having your session you will be requested to provide a list of questions to submit while in the between-lives; this is a tremendous opportunity to ask for and receive insights and guidance from the Spiritual Beings who have known and loved you throughout time and lives.

A spiritual process. Accepting what is…
An LBL is a spiritually-oriented process. Although the hypnotic process will help you to relax and access a deeper state of awareness, your heart must be ready to open up and trust the process in order for this experience to be fulfilling and enlightening. You must also be prepared to accept that what you are yearning for to know or experience in a LBL session may not be. Sometimes we are not be permitted to have access to certain soul memories or knowledge, and even though the mind wants what it wants, the soul knows best and delivers when it’s time…

Deep trance
Being in a deep trance state is essential to have access to the world between lives. Therefore it is very important to be familiar with the regression process before immersing yourself in a LBL regression. Preparation is essential and necessary. You must be comfortable recollecting unconscious memories before undertaking a LBL regression.
The Life-Between-Lives regression is of an advanced level and there is a learning curve.
If you are a beginner or even an intermediate, practice will teach you how to distinguish being in your mental and being alert while being in a deep trance. In a deep trance state, you are also awake, alert, and conscious of all that which you experience, inwardly and outwardly, which can be sometimes confusing or hard for beginners to get used to.

Busy mind?…
If at any moment during this process your mental is interfering with the recollection of memories, creating doubt or frustration, or if your are not able to physically or mentally relax and trust all the impressions coming from your unconscious mind, I would recommend that you do some practice sessions before going any further (see below more details on Practice Sessions).

For those with a “scientific” or “curious” mind, it may be difficult to trust their intuition. In that case, scheduling a Soul Evolutionary Theme and Purpose consultation could be a good and efficient way to first engage the mental mind into accessing information about one’s evolutionary soul journey, therefore putting it at ease with some useful information, and then proceed with the hypnotic process of recollecting unconscious memories

Old Traumas or Fears
It is  possible that during the first two sessions some old dynamics, fears, traumas, blocs and patterns emerge, reflecting unresolved karma that is now getting in the way of  person’s soul growth. They will not be dealt during this session as an LBL. They can also prevent you from having access to the Between-lives state. Consider doing some past-lives regression therapy sessions or the Soul Regression Program  specifically geared towards healing old karmic residues accumulated over life-times and preventing your soul from moving further: past-lives regression therapy.  

Scheduling the sessions 
Some people do a session a week and then their LBL regression, others space the sessions out a little bit more. It’s up to you. It’s wise not to rush through this process as one needs to be very comfortable and at ease with the process of recollecting memories in order to have a successful LBL regression, but you don’t want to space it out too much too as we are trying to build a momentum.

Phone/audio internet
The LBL regression can be done efficiently over the phone or online audio. Phone/internet sessions are as effective in-person sessions, and can be a wonderful way to do this work you want to do without the inconvenience of traveling and related cost. I have been working for years over the phone with clients in Europe, Canada and the USA and people seem to enjoy that option. If you have any concern or would like to discuss this option, please contact me.

Prerequisites for an LBL Regression

Option #1: Beginners/Intermediates.1) two 1.5hr prep sessions each including a past-lives regression and some time dedicated to exploring the other side after one’s transition; 2) additional practice or prep sessions may be necessary; in this case one-hour sessions will be offered for those who want to continue practicing their regression skills before immersing themselves into the LBL; 3) a 4-hr long LBL regression session.

Option #2:
1) a 1.5hr prep session including a past-lives regression and some time dedicated to exploring the other side after one’s transition; a 4-hr LBL Regression. For this option you must have experienced some past-lives through the regression process and  must be very comfortable with the art of recollecting memories. 

Option #3: LBL Repeat. For this option you must have already done a LBL regression with me (If you have not, contact me). Repeat Session are either 2.5-hr-long or 4-hr long depending on your needs. You may repeat an LBL session as many times as you wish.

Practice and Prep Sessions
When the left-brain feels uncertain or threatened, it slows down or blocks the influx of information coming from the right -brain or the spirit world. Hypnosis is a tool enabling a person to relax so as to reach an altered state of consciousness and be more connected to impressions coming from the inner world. A popular belief equates hypnosis with a form of unconscious sleep, but it’s not. On the contrary, under hypnosis the individual’s attention is very keen and his suggestibility very strong. When the left-brain let go of its control the door of the unconscious and the Inner World opens up, and the individual is able to receive information which s/he otherwise wouldn’t have access to on a conscious level. In order to have access to past-lives and between-lives it is therefore essential to minimize the influence of the mental (left hemisphere of the brain) and be at ease with the flux of information coming from the unconscious and inner world via the right hemisphere of the brain.

For those who need a little bit more time to relax body and mind, and practice their skills of recollecting soul memories, I offer one-hour sessions over the phone to practice being comfortable and confident with the regression process and eliminate any unnecessary limitations preventing you from accessing those memories. During those practice sessions you will be introduced to the hypnotic, relaxation process and being in the present moment. You will also go back to memories in this life and in previous lives, as well as crossing over on the other side. Take note that those sessions are not designed to explore memories in-depth, but to put you at ease with the process of recollecting memories, and trusting what you feel and sense over your mind.

Session Fees

For a schedule of fees as well as for terms and conditions, cancellation policy and refund, please click here for the Scheduling Sessions and Fees 

Phone/Internet Sessions

Phone/internet sessions are as effective in-office sessions and offer an opportunity to do this work without the inconvenience of traveling and the related cost. I have been working for years via phone/internet with clients in Europe, Canada and the USA and people enjoy doing their sessions from the comfort of their homes. If you have any concern or would like to discuss this with me, you may schedule a 30-minutes phone interview with me. The cost is $25 and is refunded with the purchase of your first session.


“Going through a Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapy regression is one of the most personally profound experiences one can have. As a client I attribute the success of my session to the skillful sensitivity of my therapist, Dominique Glaub. Her ability to guide my process by tuning into my needs was an art-form. Her patience, compassion and non-invasive approach allowed me to receive the gift of expanded awareness and deeper soul understanding.”
Toby Evans. Author of Keeper of the Circles: Answering the Call to Wholeness and Creator of the Chakras Labyrinth Cards.

“Dominique, thank you so much for the amazing Past-Life and Life-Between-Lives Regression sessions I had with you. I was nervous about being able to do it, as I’ve never had any past life experience before working with you, but you guided me so gently and skillfully into it that I felt very relaxed and found I could easily move through it. I felt so comfortable with you, your warm presence, sensitivity, and profound spiritual awareness. I feel energized and expanded by the experience; I sense myself letting go of lifelong self-doubt and limitations. I found helpful qualities in past lives that I had repressed or denied in myself; the Life within me feels stronger and more complete. I feel so free! I have a much clearer sense of what my task is in this lifetime and feel so supported in accomplishing it. Most amazing was the strong sense of pure, boundless, unconditional Love that permeated it all. There were surprises along the way that let me know it was real. I have more clarity in my relationships and a deeper trust in my own inner Voice, connection with Spirit and the risen Christ. This was a life-transforming experience, and I look forward to living it out in new ways. I feel deeply grateful and full of rejoicing!”
K.W., 69, Counselor, Sequim, Washington

“Hello Dominique, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the LBL session we did last week. Here, 10 days later, I am still seeing new connections and finding new insights based on that experience. It is just remarkable! My life makes sense to me in a way it didn’t before. Seemingly random events from the past now appear to fit logically into the whole. When I listen to parts of the recording of the session, I am struck by how much I already knew about my soul’s life. And yet, I didn’t take that knowledge seriously. I know now how much of the time I am in touch with that Presence that can’t be described in words. I also know now that I can trust how that feels as guidance for the rest of my life. It has been said that words don’t teach: life experience does. I believe that is true. Those of us who are “seekers” can read books and go for readings from people who are psychically gifted. But that just gives us “words” to describe our lives. The LBL process lets us go beyond words and tap into our experience banks. And because the experiences we tap into are our own, they have more potency for us than the words, even words about us specifically, given to us by other people. Thank you for your gentle guidance into and through the process. You made me feel very safe, which I think was essential in order to relax deeply and have a good experience. I very much appreciate your kindness and professionalism.”
M.M., Seattle

Click here to schedule a 30-minutes phone interview. Cost $25. Refunded with the purchase of your first session. New client only.


Soul Evolutionary Astrology

“Soul Evolutionary Astrology can be summarized as a synthesis of 21st century psychology and ancient metaphysics. From an evolutionary perspective our chart describes the life we were born to live. It sheds light on who we are, where we come from, what our lessons are, what our soul purpose is, and how our personality can be optimized to be the best vehicle for our soul expression.”

Why am I here? What are my lessons?

We are here to evolve our soul through human life experience. As human beings we never make it quite right…at one point or another something in our response to life or life events is limited or flawed, and ends up as a distortion.

If we don’t correct those distortions they haunt us, even life times later. So the wisest way to look at our distortions is to see where they come from and find out the related soul lessons.

Our birth chart is our soul lessons’ plan, and our soul evolutionary map. It carries not only the archetypal story of our distortions but also the way out of them. It is a beautiful guidance system based on natural laws (vs. man-made laws), and the best tool to understand and empower ourselves to our fullest potential.

With such a “natural” map in our hands we can make sense of who we are, identify our soul lessons, and understand the repetition of certain events or the reappearance of certain people in our lives. The gained awareness allows us to respond to external life challenges or internal ones in a more appropriate manner. Once a lesson is understood and integrated at a conscious and unconscious level, the situation that which created pain in the past doesn’t need to be reactivated anymore in the present, and we are free of it.

Soul Evolutionary Astrology Consultation

An individual Soul Evolutionary Astrology session/consultation consists of a one-hour discussion around the karmic and evolutionary trajectory of one soul as it is drawn from your birth chart. It includes an in-depth conversation about the nature of one’s personality in this lifetime and how it is operating to express the soul’s intentions.

While uncovering one’s blue print we look at how one’s past is affecting one’s present future, and the opportunities that lay ahead, should one choose to embrace one’s soul evolutionary journey.

Evolutionary Astrology is much more consistent with cutting edge science today than the old predictive astrology that affirms that “the future exists”, it’s out there and we can see it in the chart. In the evolutionary astrology’s basic model of cosmology the future doesn’t exist. In a quantum realm all possible futures exist simultaneously. What creates the future is consciousness.

During a session the Evolutionary Astrologer strives to be genuinely honest about the reality of who a person is. The role of an Evolutionary Astrologer is to make someone aware of the many possibilities of expression of one’s birth chart, and to encourage one to choose the higher ground. For example one can choose to drink or party in order to feel good and reach a different state of consciousness, or, one may choose to meditate…which one will you choose?

During a Soul Evolutionary Astrology session one may expect to understand the energy behind the soul lessons and the current personality’s challenges. The session also includes some coaching and discussion around how to gradually align the personality and the soul-essence so as to embody and express in an optimum way the soul purpose.

A birth chart is complex and has many layers. Usually the first session will be about uncovering that first layer. Becoming familiar with one’s blue print is an unfolding process. As one grows and integrates some aspects of the birth chart, one will be able to go further into the soul searching process, eventually assimilating other aspects of the self and one’s path.

It takes time to understand and integrate the totality of one’s chart.

Becoming cognizant of your chart will help you in the long-run:

  • Gaining clarity on your soul evolutionary journey, soul purpose and soul lessons
  • Understanding where your soul is coming from and where it is intending to go
  • Addressing your current personality within the context of your soul evolutionary journey
  • Exploring old wounds and patterns which are preventing you from moving forward in your life and from evolving spiritually.

Coaching, Mentoring & Active Meditation

Coaching and Mentoring sessions will help you deepen the understanding of your soul evolutionary purpose and lessons, or relationships patterns. Specific aspects related to your life and evolutionary path can be addressed and discussed. Included are some simple meditation/contemplation for you to practice in order to receive additional information and inner guidance about your chart.

Soul Regression Therapy and In-Between-Incarnation exploration

You may choose to explore the themes as revealed by your astrological chart via regression work. This is an opportunity to plunge yourself into your past-lives memories, experience them first hand, and have access via your own inner wisdom to a more comprehensive understanding of those experiences and why the soul chose them. One of the greatest benefits of past-lives regression therapy and Soul regression is to help you release old karmic residues, wounds and traumas that are still affecting you today without you knowing. For more information, go to the Soul Regression Therapy page, and to Life-Between-Lives Regression 

Scheduling sessions and Fees

For a schedule of fees as well as for terms and conditions, cancellation policy and refund, please click here for the Scheduling Sessions and Fees 

Phone Interview

If you have any question or would like to see how I can assist you on your journey, please contact me to schedule a 1/2-hr phone interview.


“Thank you Dr. Glaub for helping me open that window to self-discovery. I have always thought my problems in life where so complex and complicated. I felt the need to resolve all problems and uncertainty in my life before I actually could give myself permission to love myself. I was so imperfect! I resented anyone reflecting that imperfection back to me. I hid from others and myself under a false sense of bravado and confidence. I was a great actress! But, I never was able to fool myself. My act finally became a burden that I didn’t have the strength to manage anymore. My spirit was hidden behind my act. You helped me to challenge my patterns of thought and look behind the fears to find the true roots that kept me locked in this behavior. Through the past life regression I saw the patterns that were still presenting problems in my life and just seeing them in this way illuminated the solutions. I saw a pattern of avoiding conflict by any means (i.e. dishonesty, avoidance). In my mind any conflict in my relationships was because of my flaws. I was actually shaking the first time I decided to just say what was in my heart to a person I had tried to appease my entire life. I didn’t avoid the conflict, but it felt so good to be honest! I may not be able to change a difficult situation, but I can act from my heart with integrity, instead of ducking behind my mask. I am building a relationship with myself the same way one is built with another with understanding, trust and openness. It feels great! It has been an invaluable lesson to solve seemingly impossible problems with one thing, Honesty!”
DH, Seattle, Washington

Click here to schedule a 30-minutes phone interview. Cost $25. Refunded with the purchase of your first session. New client only.


Karmic/Soulmates Relationships

Tired of making the same mistakes over and over?….

Soul Contracts

Relationships are often, if not always, complicated, complex, and usually bring out the best and the worst in us. They often reflect some prior life connections and dynamics we may have had with those people, dynamics that may influence the way we relate to them in this life time.

Understanding the connection we have with certain people or partner(s), the soul-contract we made with them and the lessons we came here to work through with them can make all the difference in the way we approach those relationships.

Relationships and Soul evolution

Our soul needs relationships to evolve. Understanding the type of partners we attract, the type of people we interact with, and the type of needs we have in intimate relationships and any relationships is essential for our soul growth.

If you would like to understand the type of relationships you always found yourself to be in and why, as well as the intent and purpose of those relationships in your current life, please contact me.




Click here to schedule a 30-minutes phone interview. Cost $25. Refunded with the purchase of your first session. New client only.


Spiritual Ascension & Oneness

 “Spiritual Ascension is about raising one’s vibration to its highest and ultimate level, the Consciousness of Oneness.”

“When you are awake the dream is gone…
When you are Enlightened the ‘world of illusion’ is gone…
…and the TRUTH will make you FREE.”
— Barefoot

Communicating with the Inner

Nowadays we are seeing an increasing number of people affected by neurological disorders and/or feeling overwhelmed, lost, dizzy, confused or angry. The energetic shift going on right now on the planet is forcing all of us to move into the fourth dimension. Because of the energetic shift taking place on earth, speed has accelerated. Unfortunately human beings still have a very dense body and a very dense thinking system which prevent the human brain from aligning with the new and faster energy. Unless individuals learn how to increase the speed of their vibration we will see more and more individuals having nervous breakdowns or not able to use their mental functions adequately.

The technique I am using to address this energetic shift has been specifically designed by the Master Teachers and Healers of the Inner World to raise individuals’ vibration in order to match theirs. By raising their vibrational resonance individuals can directly communicate and work with Master Teachers and Healers so as to get healing and guidance in present tense, and without any danger of mental disturbances.

Opening of the Heart Program

Once you complete the Soul Regression Therapy Program, more advanced regression techniques are available. This will allow you to continue clearing old karma and refine your energy so as to vibrate at a higher and more compassionate level.
These sessions will focus on:

      • Addressing some of your resistance with regard to integrating your divine potential
      • Clean your chakras and bring them to “shine like a sun”
      • Go back up to 7 generations to clean up karmic residues from your family lineage
      • Explore and re-awaken your spiritual talents and gifts in order to positively express who you are

Pre-requisite: The Soul Regression Therapy Program

Be your Own Inner Master  Program

The program Be You Own Inner Master has been specifically designed to deepening the understanding of your soul purpose and spiritual path. It focuses on questions like: What is my spiritual path? What are my beliefs? What challenges do I have to overcome to stay on spiritual purpose? Why does my soul want to go through such challenges? What are my resistances? What are my strengths? What solutions and/or life directions do I need to take to be in agreement with my spiritual path and mission? How can I be of service? How do I find peace of mind and inner joy in the middle of chaos?

Through this program you will create your own spiritual map in relation to your soul evolutionary demands and you will be coached and challenged to live it. The main focus of this program is to learn how to reach this state of Being-ness and acceptance of what is and to bring yourself to a level of inner peace and joy despite all your challenges, soul lessons and the reality of the external world.

Pre-requisite: Opening the heart Program

Programs for Beginning & Intermediate Levels

  • Intuitive Mastery (level I and II):

week-end workshop

  • Transformation

week-end workshop

  • Silence, the way of the mystic

week-end workshop


“I have been searching for answers outside of myself ever since I first picked up the Bible as a fundamentalist Christian child. I have read at least one book for every week of my life in a never ending search for the “right” answers and the “right” set of beliefs to guide my life by. The result has been an endless cycle of finding the answers that I thought were right only to discover that they were subject to doubt and that the “right” set of beliefs always had flaws and conflicts with reality. After long years of continuing frustration and discouragement, one of Dominique’s lectures made me acutely aware of the need for me to create my own spirituality based on answers I discovered from within, not outside of, myself.

The problem was that I knew I would doubt the answers from within as much as I doubted the answers from outside myself and I had no guidelines for the inward journey. Dominique has provided me the way to discover the source of my answers from within and to identify why they are truly the answers I am searching for in creating my own spirituality. These answers from within provide me with a map towards a life free of the desperate need to have the “right” set of beliefs and the perfectly correct philosophy of life. The relief this provides for me is better then any other current “stress-reliever” I can find in the world today and I highly recommend you trying creating your own inward spirituality with Dominique’s gentle but thoroughly professional help sometime soon, if you too are seeking relief.”
Larry Bottimer, Attorney at Law, Seattle, Washington.

 “I’ve worked with Dominique for the last three months and I feel like a completely different person. When I started working with Dominique, I was on the brink of suicide. I was so angry and caught up in my own self-hatred that I’d lost complete perspective of who I really was, and the power I had to take responsibility for my life. I’d just been fired from my last job, was very close to becoming homeless for the first time in my life and felt absolutely no love or possibility for happiness. After working with Dominique for 3.5 weeks, not only did I get a new job starting a new career, but I had four offers based on intentions that I’d explored with Dominique on my most immediate needs. In the next eight weeks, I’ve learned the skills necessary to begin healing my own self-hatred, and in the context of working with the stress and responsibility of learning a totally new career and setting realistic boundaries with all kinds people concerning who I am and what I need. For the first time in my life, I’m accepting all of who I really m, taking full responsibility for my actions, and more importantly, grieving and loving myself with the kind of healthy dignity to become whole. Dominique has helped me to understand that I have the power to shape my own destiny, and I have the skills and strength to overcome any obstacle or set back. She’s the real deal!
Gene Bridges, 50. Seattle, WA.


Click here to schedule a 30-minutes phone interview. Cost $25. Refunded with the purchase of your first session. New client only.


Fees / Scheduling an appointment

Office location:
1818 Westlake Ave. N., Suite 106
Seattle Downtown, WA 98109

In-office, phone and online sessions 

I offer in-person sessions (except during Covid-19  pandemic), and phone/audio internet sessions. Phone/audio internet sessions are as effective in-person sessions and give you an opportunity to do this work without the inconvenience of traveling and the related cost. I have been working for years via phone/internet with clients in Europe, Canada and the USA. People enjoy this option very much. If you have any concern about doing phone sessions, and would like to discuss this with me, please send me an email at

My office is located in Seattle, on Westlake Avenue N, on the water front of Lake Union, close to Fremont. Paid Parking available


– Individual Regression Therapy session (1.5-hr session): $255 (american dollars + $10 Paypal transaction). In-office or phone/audio internet.
– Soul Regression Therapy Program (12 sessions). Contact me for details and pricing. In-office or phone/audio internet:
– Starseed Pleiades GEM Regression Program (14 sessions). Contact me for details and pricing. In-office/audio internet:

LBL REGRESSION (Life-Between-Lives /Inter-Lives)
Option #1: Beginners/Intermediates. 1) two 1.5-hr past-lives regression and beyond: for each session $255 (american dollars + $10 Paypal transaction; 2) additional past-lives regression sessions may be needed in you don’t feel quite ready to do your LBL Regression; 3) a 4-hr LBL regression session: $655 american dollars + $20 Paypal transaction; Prepaid Package: two 1.5-hr regressions and one 4-hr LBL regression: $1,100 americain dollars + $40 Paypal transaction. In-office or phone/audio internet:
Option #2: Advanced.1) a past-lives and beyond regression (1.5 hr) $255 american dollars + $10 Paypal transaction; a 4-hr LBL version $655 american dollars + $20 Paypal transaction. For this option you must be very comfortable with the regression process and recollecting memories, and have already experienced several successful past-lives regression. In-office or phone/audio internet.
Option #3: LBL Repeat. For this option you must have already done a LBL regression with me (if you have not, contact me). Repeat Session  (2-hr) $350 american dollars + $15 Paypal transaction, or (4-hr) $600 american dollars + $20 Paypal transaction. In-office or phone/audio internet:.

Raising your Frequency. Opening the Spiritual Heart. Deepening the feeling of Presence. Contact me for details and pricing about this process. In-office or phone/audio internet:

– Soul Evolutionary Theme & Purpose (1-hr session+15 min follow-up on): $255 american dollars + $10 Paypal transaction). Phone/Audio Internet only.

– Coaching on your Regression Sessions:1/2-hr: $125 american dollars + $5 Paypal transaction. Prerequisite: at least 1.5hr regression session. Phone/Audio Internet only.
– Coaching on your Soul Evolutionary Theme 1/2-hr: $125 american dollars + $5 Paypal transaction. Prerequisite: a 1.5-hr initial consultation on your Soul Evolutionary Theme. Phone/Audio Internet only.

-Spiritual/Evolutionary Coaching: 1/2hr: $125 american dollars + $5 Paypal transaction. Phone/Audio Internet only.

Payment Method

I accept cash, checks and certified checks, and credit/debit/Paypal payments. $50 will be charged for any returned check. A Paypal transaction fee will apply for all credit/debit card and Paypal payments. The surcharge does vary depending where you reside. If you use the Paypal Button on my website, the transaction fee is in US dollars and is already included in the total amount due for the service you are requesting.  If you are making a debit/credit or Paypal payment outside of the USA, the transaction fee may be different. Please contact me if you wish to know what the transaction fee will be for your country.

Phone/online sessions are to be prepaid at least 48-hr prior to the appointment. If you wish to prepaid a session go to Buy Now button at the bottom of this page. Otherwise contact me.

In-office sessions are due at the time of service. In-office sessions paid by Debit/Credit card must be paid prior to the appointment. To do so, go to Buy Now button at the bottom of this page. Otherwise contact me. Packages and prepaid sessions are non-refundable.

Rescheduling a session
Cancellation Policy

Any session started is due in full. Any missed session is lost. For practical reason a session can only be rescheduled once. Any 1.5-hr session not cancelled or rescheduled at least 24-hr in advance is due in full or lost. Any 4-hr long LBL session not cancelled at least 72-hr prior to the appointment is due in full or lost.

Phone Interview                  

I would be happy to schedule a 30-minutes phone interview with you for a first contact and to answer any question or concern you may have about soul regression and evolutionary work. The cost is $25, and will be deducted to the purchase of your first Regression session. For Astrological Consultation, the phone interview is already included in your consultation fee; all you have to do is purchase your session.
To schedule a phone interview click the button at the bottom of this page.

Using E-mail to contact me is best, but I do respond to texts as well.
I always respond to my messages. If you don’t hear from me, please try again, and send  your message again.

Dominique Glaub, Ph.D.
1818 Westlake Ave. N., Suite 106
Seattle, WA 98109
USA (206) 387-8384

Click here to schedule a 30-minutes phone interview. Cost $25. Refunded with the purchase of your first session. New client only.