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English – Past-Lives Regression/Therapy

Past-lives Regression/Therapy  

“By going back to significant events, past-lives, between-lives or any other relevant planes, Soul Regression Therapy gives us a chance to understand our lessons and purpose, to explore our shadow, to release karmic residues accumulated over lifetimes, and heal old wounds and traumas.”

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Exploring who and what you were

A past-lives regression will take you to previous lifetimes in order to explore who and what you were in the past. My approach of past-lives recollection is directly tight to soul evolutionary work. By understanding which lives and experiences you soul had chosen to have, you will have a better understanding of what your soul purpose and what it is trying to accomplish.

While going back to the past, the memories may come to you by way of visual impressions or via physical sensations, emotions, sounds, smells, or intuitions. At times, you may return from a past-life with a nostalgic feeling or strongly identify with your past-life character despite profound differences in physical appearance, occupation, sex, race or other life circumstances. You may experience this character as you were in his/her body or you may observe the scene from the outside.

Some people can easily recollect memories from the past, others need a little bit of practice since one has to shift from left-brain to right-brain to access past or unconscious memories. Like any other process, there is a learning curve.

Clearing old karmic residues/wounds

While going back to a past-life experience you may become aware of experience conflicts, preoccupations or undesirable behaviors; those may reflect or relate to actual circumstances or struggles in your current life. Repressed, pent-up or stuck emotions may be released by re-experiencing or witnessing a past stressful situation. As you revisit certain unfinished business and understand them from a higher spiritual perspective, you will gain wisdom and know how to better manage unhealthy behaviors or situations. Once this  material is integrated at a conscious and unconscious level it will produce a feeling of relief and/or of well-being at a mental, emotional and/or physical level. A past-life recall e is always approached with the intention to bring more harmony and balance into your life.

Within the context of soul evolutionary work, past-lives regression sessions aim at:

      • Exploring the themes the soul is working on and tapping into one’s Spirit self
      • Identifying the root-cause underneath a particular suffering or concern and the related spiritual/karmic lesson
      • Cleaning up old karmic residues that are still negatively affecting one’s person and life and opening the heart.
      • Gaining more awareness about who you are in essence

As one gain more perspective the root-cause of a situation, its the related-lesson, and work through some old stuck emotions, the repetition of the situation and its negative effects on the person is likely to decrease or vanish.

A past-lives regression session is 1.5hr long. After your first introductory session, and if you desire so, we will discuss your options and what program fits best your needs should you desire to address a particular issue or concern.

Practice Sessions for Beginners

When the left-brain feels uncertain or threatened, it slows down or blocks the influx of information coming from the right -brain or the spirit world. Hypnosis is a tool enabling a person to relax so as to reach an altered state of consciousness and be more connected to impressions coming from the inner world. A popular belief equates hypnosis with a form of unconscious sleep, but it’s not. On the contrary, under hypnosis the individual’s attention is very keen and his suggestibility very strong. When the left-brain let go of its control the door of the unconscious and the Inner World opens up, and the individual is able to receive information which s/he otherwise wouldn’t have access to on a conscious level. In order to have access to past-lives and between-lives it is therefore essential to minimize the influence of the mental (left hemisphere of the brain) and be at ease with the flux of information coming from the unconscious and inner world via the right hemisphere of the brain.

If at any moment during this process your mental mind is interfering with the recollection of memories, creating doubt or frustration in you, or if your are not able to physically or mentally relax and trust all the impressions coming from your unconscious mind, I would recommend that you do some practice sessions before going any further. During those practice sessions you will be introduced to the hypnotic, relaxation process and being in the present moment. You will also go back to memories in this life and in previous lives, but note thant those sessions are not intended to explore memories in-depth, but to put you at ease with the process of recollecting memories.

For those with a “scientific” or “curious” mind, they may have a difficult time trusting their intuition. In that case, scheduling a Nizoral Drugstore Lipstick consultation could be a good and efficient way to first engage the mental mind into accessing information about one’s evolutionary soul journey to put the mind at ease with some useful information, and then proceed with the hypnotic process of recollecting unconscious memories.

Soul Regression Therapy Program (12-session) 

The decisions that our soul made on the other side prior to incarnating in a human body (including the traumas and challenges to be experienced on earth) are no longer available to our conscious mind when we are born. Therefore when we reincarnate we often experience the same traumas, blockages, situations or people without knowing why it is happening to us, and without being able to put an end to our suffering and dilemma.

This program was specifically designed to go to the root cause of an issue or concern and address the related soul lessons within the context of exploring one’s soul evolutionary journey. Throughout each session there is an opportunity to go back to significant lifetimes, release old karmic residues, receive guidance and healing from our spirit guides, and raise our vibration to a higher, more loving and compassionate frequency.

Through understanding, cleaning and dissolving old karmic residues including difficult emotions, old wounds, negatives thoughts and/or unwanted entity or psychic interference still present in one’s energy field today, we become more aligned with our soul evolutionary journey and we raise our soul vibration.

This program is a step-by-step process and offers a structured way to address a specific issue or concern and release any emotional and mental charge around a situation or a person within the context of your soul evolutionary purpose .

On a short-term basis this program will help you:

1) address an issue, a concern, a habit or a soul lesson from a higher perspective
2) release past and present negative emotions, thoughts or beliefs that are still affecting you today
3) heal and forgive
4) uncover meaningful information about your soul evolutionary path
5) better understand who you truly are and what your soul purpose is
6) perfect the art of regressing and traveling in different times and spaces
7) get in contact with your inner guides, spiritual masters/teachers/healers and the inner world
8) open your heart center
9) develop more compassion toward yourself and others
10) align your human self/personality with your soul needs
11) be more authentic and true to your self
12) live a more fulfilling and purposeful life!

On a long-term basis this evolutionary process will prepare you to more fully merge your soul and your human self so as to live a more conscious and balanced life, as well as experience and honor the Oneness in all there is.

The program includes 12 sessions (1.5-hr each, with the exception to the Evaluation session which is 3-hr long). It is a powerful transformative process and a spiritual tool. It must be approached with an open heart and with the highest good of all involved. Advanced sessions are offered upon completion of this program.

All the sessions can be done over the phone, online, or in-person.

Should you want more details on the Soul Regression Therapy Program, please send me an e-mail.

Fees and scheduling a session

* For a Schedule of Fees, Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy and Refund, please go to the Indocin Prescription Ubersetzung page.


“Regression Therapy has assisted me in gaining further conscious awareness into the reasons behind “why” I have the beliefs that I do. I have better understanding of programs that in the past triggered an almost automatic response, creating the same results. Now I can choose a different response, creating a different result…the result I want.
– Regina Griffin, 36, Owner of the Mad Hacker Salon, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.


“What an incredible gift tonight’s session was!  This whole series has led me deeper into an awareness of union with the Divine, shedding the negative energies I have picked up on earth and carried for many lifetimes, coming Home to the place of Light and Love and Oneness, seeing clearly that we are part of a continuum of the Divine, limited by the form we take on earth and yet always radiating Love.  I saw clearly that I chose a sensitive, vulnerable personality that was easily hurt and crushed, that the inner Reality might by released; I felt how strongly I desired to be a channel of that Divine Love and how I was willing to pay any price to let that happen.  I ‘heard’ that there is nothing blocking now, the way is clear, and the Divine knowing can come through easily from now on.  I was guided to stay in the energy of rejoicing, which is a strong energy through which the Divine can more easily manifest.  I feel so much gratitude, to you, to the Divine Guides that have helped me every step of the way and are always with me, and to my Self for drawing me into this way of Truth and Freedom.  I realize that I am always free to make my own choices, and I choose to walk with Love.

What a transformative experience this program was!  Through the twelve Soul Regression Sessions with Dominique, I found myself going deeper into the roots of negative energy and habits that have hindered my living free.  She so gently and skillfully guided me, that the process was easy; answers came from deep within, heaviness and confusion gave way to a new lightness and clarity.  Through her years of study, training and experience, Dominique has developed a profound awareness of the deeper realities of life and the process needed to help others live in the freedom of oneness with the Creator, their true self and others.  I loved the experience of the presence of Jesus and Mary, angels and Spirit-guides pouring their Love and wisdom into me.  This has made a profound difference in my life, and I highly recommend it to all who are seeking to live with more freedom, peace and joy”. 

– Karen Williamson, 75, Sequim, WA

“From a young age I’ve watched the rat race which our culture has become and vowed not to become part of it. But as the decades passed I realized, to my horror, that I was very much wrapped up in the very rat race that I was seeking to avoid, so I just checked out. I didn’t have a very clear idea of how I’d gotten where I was and I was scared to put energy into forward motion without some confidence that I was headed in the right direction this time. So I was stuck in a depressing limbo with a lot of unfinished business from the past behind me and the uncertainty of the future in front of me and life’s busy work piling up all around me. Being suspicious of therapy and therapists, and thinking that I ought to be able to manage my own life, I waited till I was desperate before calling Dominique.

In the very first session Dominique was able to put her finger on my main obstacle. In following sessions she helped me to see that many of my decisions were being made on the basis of other people’s priorities and expectations. This was a real shocker since I’ve always had a strong tendency to question assumptions and reject things that don’t seem right to me and to do things my own way, no matter what other people think. But somehow along the way there were societal values that I absorbed and was treating as Truth when they were just someone else’s idea of how the world should work and what should make people happy and what responsible adults do and do not do.

This sort of problem seems so out of character for me that I guess I was blind to it. We don’t see what we’re not looking for. I don’t know if I would ever have figured it out on my own without Dominique’s objective insight. Now I’m moving forward again and I think I see glimpses of the Path. I expected I would recognize it by the neon signs along it but now I think maybe there aren’t always neon signs; maybe sometimes just a subtle warm glow.

If it weren’t for Dominique, I think I’d still be wandering around anxiously looking for those neon signs. So if you’re stuck and wondering what life is about and why you’re here and you don’t see the answer on a neon sign then give Dominique a call and she’ll give you the guidance you need to point yourself in the right direction. The answers are inside but sometimes you need a little help knowing how to look – they don’t teach this in school.”
– Anonymous, Seattle, WA.

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