English – Karmic & Soulmate Relationships

Karmic/Soulmates Relationships

Tired of making the same mistakes over and over?….

Soul Contracts

Relationships are often, if not always, complicated, complex, and usually bring out the best and the worst in us. They often reflect some prior life connections and dynamics we may have had with those people, dynamics that may influence the way we relate to them in this life time.

Understanding the connection we have with certain people or partner(s), the soul-contract we made with them and the lessons we came here to work through with them can make all the difference in the way we approach those relationships.

Relationships and Soul evolution

Our soul needs relationships to evolve. Understanding the type of partners we attract, the type of people we interact with, and the type of needs we have in intimate relationships and any relationships is essential for our soul growth.

If you would like to understand the type of relationships you always found yourself to be in and why, as well as the intent and purpose of those relationships in your current life, please contact me.