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Soul Evolutionary Astrology

“Soul Evolutionary Astrology can be summarized as a synthesis of 21st century psychology and ancient metaphysics. From an evolutionary perspective our chart describes the life we were born to live. It sheds light on who we are, where we come from, what our lessons are, what our soul purpose is, and how our personality can be optimized to be the best vehicle for our soul expression.”

Who Am I? Why am I here? What are my lessons?

We are here to evolve our soul through human life experience. As human beings we never make it quite right…at one point or another something in our response to life or life events is limited or flawed, and ends up as a distortion.

If we don’t correct those distortions they haunt us, even life times later. So the wisest way to look at our distortions is to see where they come from and find out the related soul lessons.

Our birth chart is our soul lessons’ plan, and our soul evolutionary map. It carries not only the archetypal story of our distortions but also the way out of them. It is a beautiful guidance system based on natural laws (vs. man-made laws), and the best tool to understand and empower ourselves to our fullest potential.

With such a “natural” map in our hands we can make sense of who we are, identify our soul lessons, and understand the repetition of certain events or the reappearance of certain people in our lives. The gained awareness allows us to respond to external life challenges or internal ones in a more appropriate manner. Once a lesson is understood and integrated at a conscious and unconscious level, the situation that which created pain in the past doesn’t need to be reactivated anymore in the present, and we are free of it.

Soul Evolutionary Astrology Consultation

An individual Soul Evolutionary Astrology session/consultation consists of a one and a half hour discussion around the karmic and evolutionary trajectory of one soul as it is drawn from your birth chart. It includes an in-depth conversation about the nature of one’s personality in this lifetime and how it is operating to express the soul’s intentions.

While uncovering one’s blue print we look at how one’s past is affecting one’s present future, and the opportunities that lay ahead, should one choose to embrace one’s soul evolutionary journey.

Evolutionary Astrology is much more consistent with cutting edge science today than the old predictive astrology that affirms that “the future exists”, it’s out there and we can see it in the chart. In the evolutionary astrology’s basic model of cosmology the future doesn’t exist. In a quantum realm all possible futures exist simultaneously. What creates the future is consciousness.

During a session the Evolutionary Astrologer strives to be genuinely honest about the reality of who a person is. The role of an Evolutionary Astrologer is to make someone aware of the many possibilities of expression of one’s birth chart, and to encourage one to choose the higher ground. For example one can choose to drink or party in order to feel good and reach a different state of consciousness, or, one may choose to meditate…which one will you choose?

During a Soul Evolutionary Astrology session one may expect to understand the energy behind the soul lessons and the current personality’s challenges. The session also includes some coaching and discussion around how to gradually align the personality and the soul-essence so as to embody and express in an optimum way the soul purpose.

A birth chart is complex and has many layers. Usually the first session will be about uncovering that first layer. Becoming familiar with one’s blue print is an unfolding process. As one grows and integrates some aspects of the birth chart, one will be able to go further into the soul searching process, eventually assimilating other aspects of the self and one’s path.

It takes time to understand and integrate the totality of one’s chart.

Becoming cognizant of your chart will help you in the long-run:

  • Gaining clarity on your soul evolutionary journey, soul purpose and soul lessons
  • Understanding where your soul is coming from and where it is intending to go
  • Addressing your current personality within the context of your soul evolutionary journey
  • Exploring old wounds and patterns which are preventing you from moving forward in your life and from evolving spiritually.

Coaching, Mentoring & Active Meditation

Coaching and Mentoring sessions will help you deepen the understanding of your soul evolutionary purpose and lessons, or relationships patterns. Specific aspects related to your life and evolutionary path can be addressed and discussed. Included are some simple meditation/contemplation for you to practice in order to receive additional information and inner guidance about your chart.

Soul Regression Therapy and In-Between-Incarnation exploration

You may choose to explore the themes as revealed by your astrological chart via regression work. This is an opportunity to plunge yourself into your past-lives memories, experience them first hand, and have access via your own inner wisdom to a more comprehensive understanding of those experiences and why the soul chose them. One of the greatest benefits of past-lives regression therapy and Soul regression is to help you release old karmic residues, wounds and traumas that are still affecting you today without you knowing. For more information, go to the Soul Regression Therapy page, and to Life-Between-Lives Regression 

Scheduling sessions and Fees

For a schedule of fees as well as for terms and conditions, cancellation policy and refund, please click here for the Scheduling Sessions and Fees 

Complimentary Phone Interview

If you have any question or would like to see how I can assist you on your journey, please contact me to schedule a complimentary phone interview.


“Thank you Dr. Glaub for helping me open that window to self-discovery. I have always thought my problems in life where so complex and complicated. I felt the need to resolve all problems and uncertainty in my life before I actually could give myself permission to love myself. I was so imperfect! I resented anyone reflecting that imperfection back to me. I hid from others and myself under a false sense of bravado and confidence. I was a great actress! But, I never was able to fool myself. My act finally became a burden that I didn’t have the strength to manage anymore. My spirit was hidden behind my act. You helped me to challenge my patterns of thought and look behind the fears to find the true roots that kept me locked in this behavior. Through the past life regression I saw the patterns that were still presenting problems in my life and just seeing them in this way illuminated the solutions. I saw a pattern of avoiding conflict by any means (i.e. dishonesty, avoidance). In my mind any conflict in my relationships was because of my flaws. I was actually shaking the first time I decided to just say what was in my heart to a person I had tried to appease my entire life. I didn’t avoid the conflict, but it felt so good to be honest! I may not be able to change a difficult situation, but I can act from my heart with integrity, instead of ducking behind my mask. I am building a relationship with myself the same way one is built with another with understanding, trust and openness. It feels great! It has been an invaluable lesson to solve seemingly impossible problems with one thing, Honesty!”
DH, Seattle, Washington