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The Soul Evolutionary Journey

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”– Teilhard de Chardin

Spiritual Consciousness 

When we come to recognize that our true essence is not the same as our body and personality, and that our life matters beyond the lifetime of that particular body and personality, we have entered “spiritual consciousness”. Within that consciousness the intention of life becomes less focused on the avoidance of pain or the acquisition of pleasures or material goods, and more on the enduring and lasting nature of who we truly are.

Soul Purpose

When we enter the level of spiritual consciousness, finding more about our spiritual nature and our purpose becomes a driving force. If we haven’t yet tackled or figured out that question we may feel lost with no directions. We may feel that our life doesn’t have any real meaning and may not know what to do about it. The more we inquire about our soul evolutionary purpose and embrace our spiritual nature, the more our life becomes the vessel of our soul’s expression, and the more we can bring about the life we were truly meant to live.


Each lifetime we have on earth is an opportunity for the soul to evolve, and to evolve Source-energy. We come back until we have learned all that which we came here to learn. Earth is like a school where we come to learn our lessons and to mature our soul. On this journey back home, as we strive to attain more wisdom and enlightenment, we keep incarnating until our soul has finally exhausted all separating desires, and the only desire left is the desire to return to Source.

Death & Transition

Understanding and demystifying the cycles of life and death on earth is important when doing consciousness work. Birth is a natural process and so is death. As we open up the channel between our human self and the spiritual world we come to realize that death and birth are just a passage and a change of form. Both of them requires a time of preparation. As we have to prepare ourselves prior to incarnating on earth, we also must prepare ourselves prior to leaving our body and returning to Source.

Soul Lessons & Soul Evolution

Our Soul is not perfect, but is in a constant process of perfecting itself. It evolves via facing its own limitations. Most of the time (unless we have done a conscious effort to access it) we are not conscious of our soul intention, therefore we can’t understand why certain experiences keep re-occurring in our lives.

We are made aware of our soul’s limitations by the way of inner and/or outer confrontations relative to the lessons the soul is trying to learn. Some of those experiences can be very painful, traumatic and damaging. Those confrontations force the soul to look at its own fears and resistance to change old patterns that are not anymore in alignment with its evolutionary progression. The intensity of those inner or outer confrontations usually reflect the degree of resistance of the soul to make the necessary changes.

Until the soul is willing to ask why is this happening, face its lessons and release all the related karmic residues, it will, lifetime after lifetime come back and experience the same kind of trauma, blockage, or people, most likely ending up feeling stuck, lost, angry, hurt, helpless, or sometimes desperate.

Facing those lessons and releasing the karmic residues accumulated in previous lifetimes is the best way to end up the recycling of those issues.

Soul-mind vs. left-brain

Although our left-brain is a very important function of our psyche, it is limited and can sabotage or distort the perspectives or insights our soul is constantly trying to transmit to us. We can be easily misled into believing what the left-brain has to say rather than listening to our heart and soul. Only the soul aspect within us knows Truth, while the left-brain only knows that which it has been conditioned to believe in. Therefore we cannot trust our left-brain to know the truth of anything since it only knows what we have told it to be true.

In spiritual work, we train the left-brain to communicate and work together in harmony with the soul-mind. As we regularly practice bringing soul guidance into our awareness, the left-brain gets impregnated with a higher awareness, which modifies in turn our belief system, and affects our thoughts and choices in life. This is very important to understand when we work on our soul evolutionary journey, and are working on our soul lessons.

Can anyone recollect past-lives and soul memories?

Yes anyone can. However there are instances where there is some resistance…

For example if someone has a very active mental, we may have to dedicate some time and energy into finding out why their mind is so busy, and what needs to be understood or released before they can truly access inner guidance and soul memories. This resistance could be a lack of trust, a fear of losing control,  a suspicious mind, or a strong belief system interfering…

Having a mental orientation is not the problem. It is how we use our mind that is problematic. Are we using it in a distorted way or in a positive way? Once we get in touch with this aspect of us, and adjust our current body/personality accordingly, we will be able to go back to past experiences or soul memories and understand what the soul is trying to learn via that that specific personality.

If our soul lesson is to work on expanding our mind and welcoming new thoughts, new beliefs, new ideas, but are still attached to our current viewpoints and resist accepting or trusting the soul messages we receive, we will have to find out what in our past makes us so attached to our own ways before we are ready to listen to our inner wisdom.

In either case Soul Regression, Evolutionary Astrology and Spiritual Ascension work do wonders to address, understand and overcome those challenges.

Divine Inner Guidance

As Teilhard de Chardin said “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”. Source is always with us, and so is guidance. We are never alone. The more we clean whatever is in the way between us and our higher self and the more open we are open to divine inspiration, the more we can actualize the specific purpose we were created for.

“Spirituality is the study & practice of aligning the ego with the soul, and the soul with the Truth.” – Jeff Green

Evolution of Consciousness

We are all on a spiritual path, whether we are aware of it or not. On this continuum, we may be at different levels of evolution or understanding, or we may embrace a different path or belief system, but the aim remains the same for each one of us, which is to open our heart and evolve with and towards something that is greater than us.

More on Evolution of Consciousness

Consciousness: One’s current level of understanding of the Truth.

Truth: The sum of all principles and laws governing life within and beyond the realm of human understanding.

Soul: One’s consciousness incarnated and evolving throughout lifetimes.

Ego: The operating arm of the soul in the current life through which one forms attachments necessary for the evolutionary process. These attachments come to define one’s separate sense of self and identity; through the ego, all of life’s experiences are emotionally processed.

Evolution of consciousness: Increasing the understanding of the Truth.

Karma: The subordination of personal action to divine order. Corrective measures and possibly negative consequences that occur when a person’s actions are misaligned to divine order. Conversely, positive circumstances that result from aligned actions. The law of cause and effect that is in force through one’s incarnations.

Dharma: The fulfillment of one’s destiny by living in the Truth that results in one’s contribution to existence. Living one’s Dharma enhances the essence of love.

Spirituality: The study and practice of aligning the ego with the soul and the soul with the Truth. – Jeff Wolf Green.

We all have our own unique path

Whether we like it or not each one of us has “signed up” for a specific set of soul lessons prior to incarnating! The way we deal with our lessons depends on who we are and the choices we are making.

There is no “one” formula that fits all. Our path is unique, and it is up to us to find the key that opens “our” door.

Within an evolutionary perspective, our human body and personality were specifically selected prior to incarnating to better address our lessons; understanding the human vehicle we have chosen to host our soul while facing all inward and outward obstacles is important.

Spiritual Work, Spiritual Ascension and Sacred Activism

Here are few loose definitions to help you understand the context of my therapeutic approach and the natural philosophy it is based on.

Spiritual work is the gradual alignment of our divine self and our human self while in a human body. It is about cultivating the sacred silence within us while at the same time facing all the challenges of your human life.

Spiritual Ascension is about the attainment of the direct experience of Oneness of Consciousness.

The Oneness: As we clear up our human attachment to the idea that we are all separate, and as we let ourselves merge with that universe and become One, we gradually re-adjust the lense through which we look and experience life and others. When we see and perceive everything around us and within us as One, we are in divine communion with Source, often referred and experienced as bliss. And when our body and inner being resonate on a consistent manner with that Oneness, we have become our own inner master!

Sacred Activism: It is through the Divine Feminine aspect in us that we have access to love, compassion and the desire for peace and justice. It is through the Divine Masculine in us that we take fierce action in the world to bring it about. Sacred Activism as defined by Andrew Harvey is about “the transforming force of wisdom, love and compassion-in-action to affect radical change in the world”.

The illusion of a quick fix

As we face our challenges and inner demons, as we release old memories and karmic residues, we begin to find peace within ourselves. We spend more time into our heart. We develop a sense of gratitude for all that which presents itself to us and see it as an opportunity to get closer to Source.

The approach I am offering is not a panacea, and it is not a quick fix. It’s a process and a path. On this path, each step, big or small counts. At times one may experience amazing or sudden changes or moments of bliss, but not always. Should you be inclined to undertake this journey, an attitude of non-attachment to results and a feeling of gratitude for whatever is experienced or received is recommended.

It takes time and courage to face our downfalls. It takes humility to listen to our inner guidance and follow through. It takes time and effort to ascend spiritually. It requires us to deal with aspects of ourselves we don’t like or haven’t made peace with yet; it requires us to clear anything that stands between us and the next evolutionary level, i.e. our fears, frozen emotions, old wounds, challenging people or outdated beliefs that don’t serve anymore our soul growth. It’s not an easy path, but it is certainly a very rewarding one.

About my services

Hi, I am Dominique Glaub, Ph.D. I am the founder of AWARENESS FOR LIFE. I have been involved in Holistic Healing, Transpersonal Therapy and Soul Evolutionary work for more than 30 years. I have studied and explore Consciousness, Energy and the Mind field within a transpersonal, psycho-spiritual, socio-cultural, and spiritual framework.

I specialize in the soul evolutionary journey, short-term therapies with a focus on Soul Regression Therapy including hypnotherapy, emotional clearing, bodymind and karmic residues release, and ascension work. Over the years I have helped many people explore their soul’s evolutionary path and lessons, and release old karmic residues and wounds, frozen emotions, limiting beliefs and thoughts, and psychic interferences.

As a Soul Regression Therapist, Spiritual Mentor & Coach, and Evolutionary Astrologer I offer my clients different angles to approach and understand their Soul Evolutionary Journey such as Past-lives & Soul Regression Therapy, Emotional Healing, Life-between-lives Regression, Future Regression, Communication with Spirit Guides, Entities Release, Evolutionary Astrology,and Spiritual Ascension work.

I also specialize in Difficult, Karmic and Soulmates Relationships and their Soul-related Contracts.

My dedication is to bring people to a place of Inner Awareness, from where they can live in Truth and in Freedom, and take right action in the world. Where ever they are on their path, and whatever lessons they are dealing with, I help my clients connect with their own inner wisdom, understand their soul purpose, address their soul lessons, release old memories, overcome or dissolve inner and outwards obstacles, get in touch with who they truly are, nurture themselves in a loving way, and proceed further on their soul evolutionary journey.

For more information about my approach to soul regression work, training, professional credentials and experience, please go to About Dr. Glaub page.


Finding Dominique and working with her has been the most profound action I have ever taken in beginning to realize peace in my life…never having undergone therapy before, Dominique was immediately compassionate, patient, kind, non-judgmental, and accepting…

She has positively affected all my relationships. My spouse is extremely pleased that my personal happiness has improved so much since participating in therapy. She has helped me to find my own answers within and has facilitated the realization that problems and conflict in my life can be resolved by shifting my perceptions about each issue. She is a truly skilled guide.

Regression Therapy with Dominique is a voyage of gently directed self-discovery. One of her remarkable qualities is that she is gifted in encouraging you to put forth the effort in healing yourself. Rather than handing over a recipe for resolving difficulties, she tailors your treatment to your needs.

Finding myself at first somewhat wary of hypnotherapy, I have found it to be an extremely insightful tool in understanding my behaviors. Dominique is adept with this technique and I now feel free from all anxiety while taking part in it.

…Anyone who wants to truly understand what motivates their actions will find in Dominique the assistance they have been searching for. I highly recommend her services.”

– Teri Maxwell, 39. Riverside, California.