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Fees / Scheduling an appointment

Office location:
1818 Westlake Ave. N., Suite 106
Seattle Downtown, WA 98109

In-office, phone and online sessions 

I offer in-person sessions (except during Covid-19  pandemic), and phone/audio internet sessions. Phone/audio internet sessions are as effective in-person sessions and give you an opportunity to do this work without the inconvenience of traveling and the related cost. I have been working for years via phone/internet with clients in Europe, Canada and the USA. People enjoy this option very much. If you have any concern about doing phone sessions, and would like to discuss this with me, please send me an email at drglaub@msn.com.

My office is located in Seattle, on Westlake Avenue N, on the water front of Lake Union, close to Fremont. Paid Parking available


– Individual Regression Therapy session (1.5-hr session): $250. In-office or phone/audio internet.
-Soul Regression Therapy Program (12 sessions). Contact me for details and pricing. In-office or phone/audio internet:
– Pleiades GEM Regression Program (14 sessions). Contact me for details and pricing.In-office or phone/audio internet:

LBL REGRESSION (Life-Between-Lives /Inter-Lives)
Option #1: Beginners/Intermediates. 1) a past-lives and beyond regression (1.5 hr) $250; 2) a second past-lives and beyond regression (1.5-hr) $250′ 3) additional past-lives regression sessions may be needed in order to be ready for the LBL Regression 1-hr $160 (phone only); 4) an LBL regression session (4-hr) $650. In-office or phone/audio internet:
Option #2:Advanced.1) a past-lives and beyond regression (1.5 hr) $250; (1.5 hr); a 4-hr LBL version $650. For this option you must be very comfortable with the regression process, and recollecting memories, and have at least one successful past-lives regression under your belt). In-office or phone/audio internet: 
Option #3: LBL Repeat. For this option you must have already done a LBL regression with me (if you have not, contact me). Repeat Session  (2.5-hr) $380, or (4-hr) $600. In-office or phone/audio internet:.
Practice sessions: Past-lives and Beyond Regression practice sessions are offered by phone at the rate of $160 per hour. Prerequisites: Two 1.5-hr Past-lives and Beyond Regression sessions.

Raising your Frequency. Opening the Spiritual Heart. Deepening the feeling of Presence.
Contact me for details and pricing about this process. In-office or phone/audio internet:

– Soul Evolutionary Theme & Purpose (1-hr session+1/2-hr follow-up on your Soul Evolutionary theme): $250. Phone/Audio Internet only.
– Coaching on your Soul Evolutionary Theme: $100 (30-min session). Prerequisite: a 1.5-hr initial consultation on your Soul Evolutionary Theme. Phone/Audio Internet only.

Payment Method

I accept cash, checks and certified checks, and credit/debit/Paypal payments. $50 will be charged for any returned check. A Paypal transaction fee will apply for all credit/debit card and Paypal payments. The surcharge does vary depending where you reside and currency. If you use the Paypal Button on my website, the transaction fee within the USA is already included the total amount due for the service you are requesting.  If you are making a debit/credit or Paypal payment outside of the USA, the transaction fee will be different. Please contact me before making a payment, and I will send you a link in an email with cost of the session with transaction fee included.

Phone/online sessions are to be prepaid at least 48-hr prior to the appointment. If you wish to prepaid a session and are within the USA, go to Buy Now button at the bottom of this page. Otherwise contact me.

In-office sessions are due at the time of service. In-office sessions paid by Debit/Credit card must be paid prior to the appointment. To do so, and if you are within the USA go to Buy Now button at the bottom of this page. Otherwise contact me.

Packages and prepaid sessions are non-refundable.

Rescheduling a session-Cancellation Policy

Any session started is due in full. Any missed session is lost. A session can be rescheduled once.
Any 1.5-hr session not cancelled or rescheduled at least 24-hr in advance is due in full or lost.
Any LBL session not cancelled at least 72-hr prior to the appointment is due in full or lost.

Complimentary Phone Interview                  

I would be happy to schedule a complimentary phone interview with you for a first contact and to answer any question or concern you may have about regression and evolutionary work. To do so click on the Complimentary Phone Interview button at the bottom of this page.

E-mail is best, but I do respond to phone/text calls as well. If you shouldn’t hear from me, please send me your message again.

Dominique Glaub, Ph.D.
1818 Westlake Ave. N., Suite 106
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 387-8384 

Complimentary Phone Interview