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English – New Soul Evolutionary Page

The Soul Evolutionary Journey “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”– Teilhard de Chardin Spiritual Consciousness  When we come to recognize that our true essence is not the same as our body and personality, and that our life matters beyond the lifetime of that particular …

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FRENCH – About Dr. Glaub Part One

Dominique Glaub, Ph.D. ___________________________________________ La Sorbonne University, Paris V, France.   DR. GLAUB- PARCOURS PROFESSIONNEL Je suis française d’origine. J’ai obtenu mon doctorat à Paris, La Sorbonne, France, après avoir exploré pendant des années le sud de la Californie et le monde de la Nouvelle Conscience. Je vis présentement aux Etats-Unis depuis 1986. J’ai suivi de …

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Location Page Contact Info

Dominique Glaub, Ph.D. (206)387-8384 1818 Westlake Ave. N. Suite 106 Seattle, WA, 98109 USA

English – About Dr. Glaub Part Two

Spiritual work & Shadow work As a Soul Regression Therapist, Evolutionary Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor and Coach, I welcome anyone who has in their heart the passion and desire to find their answers within, and co-create with Source their own spiritual map toward Truth and Freedom. I use a variety of methodologies and techniques to help …

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English – About Dr. Glaub

Dominique Glaub, Ph.D. _______________________ Graduate from La Sorbonne University, Paris V, France.   Founder of Awareness For Life Hello, I am Dominique Glaub, founder of Awareness For Life. I specialize in the soul evolutionary journey, short-term therapies such as hypnotherapy, soul regression therapy, past-life therapy, emotional clearing, karmic residues release, and ascension work. I have been involved …

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Drop down menu. Prices include the Paypal transaction fee Regression Session (1.5hr) $260.00 USDLBL Regression (4-hr) $670.00 USDLBL Repeat (2.5-hr) $390.00 USDLBL Repeat (4-hr) $620.00 USDSoul Evolutionary Theme (1.5-hr) $260.00 USDSoul Evolutionary Coaching (1/2-hr) $105.00 USDMiscellaneous $20.00 USDAdditional Prep Session (1-hr) (phone only) $165.00 USD

English – Soul Evolutionary Astrology

Soul Evolutionary Astrology “Soul Evolutionary Astrology can be summarized as a synthesis of 21st century psychology and ancient metaphysics. From an evolutionary perspective our chart describes the life we were born to live. It sheds light on who we are, where we come from, what our lessons are, what our soul purpose is, and how our personality can be optimized …

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