English – About Dr. Glaub Part Two

Spiritual work & Shadow work

As a Soul Regression Therapist, Evolutionary Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor and Coach, I welcome anyone who has in their heart the passion and desire to find their answers within, and co-create with Source their own spiritual map toward Truth and Freedom. I use a variety of methodologies and techniques to help my clients connect with their inner light, and merge the spiritual and material aspects of life.

In my practice, soul exploration, soul growth and soul healing can be approached and experienced from different angles, i.e. past-lives therapy, life-between-lives regression, future regression, communication with one’s spirit guides, the release of psychic interferences, the raising of one’s vibration through spiritual ascension work, spiritual coaching, and active meditation.

I specialize also in difficult, karmic and soulmate type of relationships and their related soul contracts.

All the techniques and philosophies I have been inspired from, inwardly or outwordly, have been specifically applied towards the understanding and the direct experience of one soul’s evolutionary journey on earth, the facing of one’s soul lessons, and the healing and dissolving of old karmic residues preventing one’s soul from moving forward, leading ultimately to a gradual opening of the heart and to true compassion.

Inward and outward traveling

Born and raised in France, I came to the USA in 1986 to study the New Consciousness and alternative modes of knowing and healing in Southern California. I obtained my doctorate degree with honors in Sociology and Social Anthropology in Paris at La Sorbonne-Paris V University, under the direction of Dr. Michel Maffesoli, Dr. Antoine Faivre, and Dr. Sam Edwards Combs.

During my doctorate field research in the USA, I explored many different aspects of the spiritual, psychic and healing community, within that the metaphysical world of the Tarot and the wisdom contained in its 22 arcanas. I also studied and practiced different kinds of meditation and healing methods with various teachers of the Inner and of the outer world.

In 1989 I met and studied with Dr. June D’Estelle, Modesto, California, author of The Illuminated Mind, and attuned to subtle states of awareness that naturally enhance one’s spiritual growth. Over the years I continued to explore higher levels of consciousness while working with the Masters of the Alohem spiritual lineage to integrate higher levels of Intuitive Mastery. I am certified by Dr. D’Estelle, founder of the Alohem Center as a teacher of Intuitive Mastery and Transformation workshops.

After my academic training I decided to reside in the USA and undertook various trainings in Body Mind Spirit techniques. I studied under the supervision of Dr. Barry Green, and in 1994 graduated from BodyMind College, San Diego, CA as a Holistic Health Practitioner with a particular focus on the body/mind/spirit connection leading to the expression and release of old emotional, mental and body patterns. I have extensive training in postural integration as well and deep body work. For 5 years I had a successful private practice in Solana Beach, CA.

While living in Solana Beach, CA, I met Dr. Joseph Costa, mystic and founder of the 15th step process, and author of Primary Legacy, and Eagles of Consciousness. For many years I studied with my teacher and mentor many soul-related topics and the Inner World. I explored and learned how to apply the principles of Thought and Thinking in the context of the soul journey on earth. Under his supervision I became a Certified and Licensed Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and have since practiced as a Transpersonal Counselor and Past-Life Therapist, helping many people go to the root cause of specific issues. I was also trained later on by Dr. Costa on the 15th Step, a process he received from the Masters of the Inner World, allowing anyone to raise their vibration and directly communicate with Essenes Teachers and Master Healers of the Inner World in preparation for the shift into the 4th dimension. I graduated as a 15thStep Practitioner and a 15h Step Teacher, and became the 15thStep Seattle Director.

More About Dominique Glaub Professional Experience and Credentials

In 1997 I moved to Hawaii and founded the Awareness For Life Center in Lahaina, Maui. I offered past-lives regression therapy and counseling sessions. I also taught classes on soul lessons, Self-mastery, communicating with spirit guides, dreams, the laws of manifestation, principles of thoughts and thinking, and yin-yang principles of mating and relating.

After reading Jeff Green’s Pluto book and receiving a reading from him, I began studying Evolutionary Astrology at the Jeffrey Wolf Green school. Later on I also studied with Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, Maurice Fernandez and Kim Marie Weiner.

In 2000, I moved my practice to Seattle, WA and was trained as a Personal Coach at The Academy of Coach Training Seattle, Washington, with a focus on Living One’s Vision.

I graduated then as a Life-Between-lives regression therapist from the Newton Institute founded by Dr. Michael Newton, author of Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls. Today I assist people in having a direct and personal experience of the Between-worlds, where souls reside between lives.

Ascension work 

My dedication to understand the soul evolutionary journey on earth led me also to study in Quebec, Canada with Dr. Pierre Dubuc, author of Pionnier de la Conscience par la Regression. I was certified as a Spiritual Regression Therapist with a focus on Soul Ascension and the opening of the Heart by the Centre International Pierre Dubuc.

In an effort to continue expanding my own understanding of spiritual ascension I took part of Dr. Dubuc’s research group, exploring the role of emotions in the soul evolutionary journey. Greatly inspired by his approach I am now assist clients in cleaning undesirable karmic residues and emotions, opening their heart, and awakening to their spiritual nature.

Soul Regression Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, Evolutionary Astrology

In my soul work combine regression therapy, spiritual ascension, evolutionary astrology and my coaching skills to help my clients understand who they are, why they are here, and what their lessons are, and to assist them in cleaning specific emotional and karmic residues from other life times.

Because of who I am, and my own spiritual path and journey, I am highly interested in helping individuals becoming more aware of their spiritual nature and effectively work with their human selves for spiritual consciousness raising purpose.

As a Plutonian person myself, I offer a space where people can safely explore their deep emotions, go into the underworld, examine their wounds and fears, face their shadow, and through this alchemical process come back healed and transformed!

As of today I continue to learn and grow through my own inner journey and inner healing, and through the work I am doing with my clients. As such I hope to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness and Source itself.

My main office is based in Downtown Seattle, WA (USA). I organize periodical visits for consultations in Ashland and Portland, Oregon. I also travel internationally to offer my services in France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, and Quebec.

Other souls who have inspired me on my journey….

Dr. Joseph Costa author of Primal Legacy: Thinking for the 21st Century, who led me to understand who we are as Energy Beings and the Mind thinking system.
Jeff Green, founder of the Evolutionary Astrology school who brought to the world a spiritual tool to understand and delineate one’s Soul Evolutionary Journey.
Dr. Sidra and Hal Stone, author of Embracing our Selves: The Voice Dialogue Manual, about bonding patterns in relationships, and the inner patriarchy archetype we still carry in us.
Dr. Harvey Jackins’ work where the recollection of psychological traumas or hurts are accompanied by various types of emotional catharsis or “discharge”, leading to clear thinking and creativity.
Spiritual teacher Barry Long, author of Making Love, Sexual love the divine way, Joseph Campbell on the Hero’s Journey, the teachings of Abraham on the Law of Attraction, the nurturing concept of Presence and Power of the Now by Eckart Tolle, the principles of Ho’onoponopono, Sacred Activism and wisdom-based radical action in the world as presented, taught and embodied by author Andrew Harvey, the teachings of Sufi Teacher Llewellyn Vanghan-Lee on the Consciousness of Oneness and the Sacred Feminine, and Snatam Kaur for inspiring so many people to surrender to the One through her beautiful voice and divine chants.
My favorite book? The Little Prince by Antoine de St. Exupery.

Dominique Glaub, Ph.D.
(206)387-8384, 1818 Westlake Ave. N., Suite 106, Seattle, WA, 98101 USA www.awarenessforlife.com