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The Soul Evolutionary Journey

As we enter into Spiritual Consciousness, we are naturally drawn to getting to know who we truly are, where we come from, and why we are here. As we open ourselves to our spiritual and mystical dimension, all that matters is the desire to connect with Source, live our lives from our heart center as much as possible, and be of service to humanity.

What would your life feel like or be like if you were to get in touch with who you really are?…understand your soul evolutionary purpose and why you chose this life time around?…identify your soul lessons and put into practice what you came here to do?

How about piercing the veil separating this reality from other worlds or dimensions? Exploring significant past-lives? Making peace with death? Meeting your soul group where souls reside between incarnations? Communicate with your spirit guides? Access the wisdom of your spirit self?

As you embark on this alchemical journey toward Source, you will not only have an opportunity to experience the love and support of the spirit world and embrace your light, but also plunge into your own darkness for healing to take place.

As you face your fears, your wounds, your darkest emotions and release them from a place of understanding, compassion and self-forgiveness you will gradually bring your human and spirit selves to work together, in harmony, for a higher purpose.

In this process of deep inner transformation and soul work you will travel back into this life as well as other life times and/or other dimensions, find the root cause of a current issue or concern, identify its related lesson and free yourself from those old memories and karmic residues that keep you stuck and disconnected from your true Self.

As you bravely face your shadow, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to receive divine guidance and inspiration, experience the Oneness of life, proceed further on opening your heart center, and get to a place of Inner Awareness from where you may live in Truth and in Freedom.

If your sincere desire is to re-align your human and divine selves, find your own answers within, and be part of the current birthing of a new humanity, you will find in the section Indocin Prescription Ubersetzung a program that fits your needs.

As a Spiritual Mentor/Coach, Soul Regression Therapist, Evolutionary Astrologer and Holistic Health Practitioner I have more than 30 years of experience in the field of Transpersonal Therapy, Spiritual work and Consciousness raising.

Should you feel ready to explore your Soul Evolutionary Journey, or have any question, please e-mail me to request a Complimentary Phone Interview so we may discuss how I can assist you.

Buy Betnovate N Cream


Benicar Prescription 7th“I highly recommend Dr. Dominique Glaub as your facilitator for your past-life regression. I had never been hypnotized, and questioned whether it would work for me, as tended to be high-strung, and wasn’t sure I could give up my ‘control’. Discovered we have all the control, power and knowledge we need within us –it’s simply a question if we can quiet down our minds/ egos enough to hear the ‘inner whisper of our souls’.
– Wendy, Seattle

Buy Nolvadex And Clomid Pct

“You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.” – Richard Bach


“Dominique worked with me to resolve current life issues through hypnosis and past-life regression techniques. With her help, I was able to see the basis of the current issues that were affecting my life, and by looking at the past, I was able to see and implement the solution. Dominique made this a great and wonderfully healing experience for me. I would recommend her and her many healing talents to anyone who is interested in healing and growth.”
Karen, Seattle

“Working with Dominique was the first step into a totally new direction, the first step on my new path which I deeply know is leading me to my life purpose, and therefore home”.
Bettina, Switzerland.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  –Teilhard de Chardin

Cialis Online Bestellen